The State of the Knitting and my Foot

There is a lot of knitting around here. I just realized this, and it startled me, as these sorts of revelations usually do. (I also realized that I’ve got a lot of books, worrisome all this seeing things.)

It’s not just knitting in general, it’s all the things that are actively on the needles. Zimmermann and Christmas meet for the first time this year, and keeping up with both amounts of epic knitting proportion is not exactly easy. (The two are as related as I can make them, which is not enough. It’s not like I’m going to be ripping off ribwarmers for all the family.) Let’s take a look and see if this is as bad as I think it is.

1. The Fishtrap Aran. I am so close to this one that I can smell it. I really wish I had the gumption to pop in a movie, knit for two hours and finish it off. (There’s gumption all right.) Instead it sits by my desk and I work a few stitches on it while waiting or reading. All I’ve got left to do are the button bands, sewing in (And possibly lengthening) the sleeves, and the ends. That’s it, and I’ll be done. (I think I see how I’ll spend the rest of my day.)

2. Tams. I’ve done one of these, it’s blocking on its plate right now. I’m about halfway on another one, just started two days ago. I’ll probably do three or four in order to have fulfilled my obligation to this. It’s kind of fun, knitting little hats in whatever pattern I want to, playing with color just like those islanders did long ago. (There wasn’t a lot going on there, I can see how those women entertained themselves this way.) They also go quick and make me feel clever as a cat for inventing patterns while the hat is still on the needles.

3. A little Christmas present. I don’t really want to say more, even though the recipient doesn’t read this. It’s a little scrubby, and there will be more too. I loathe knitting these things, but people love getting them. I know it will mean more to the recipient simply because she knows how much I loathe making them.

4. The Hybrid Sweater. This was started, oh dear god, three weeks ago, and it still hasn’t broke three inches. I would blame the gauge, a damn six stitches to the inch, but that would sort of be like blaming the dog, you know. I started it on a whim, using some self-striping yarn that I picked up at Big Lots. (It was on sale.) The fabric is a little on the flimsy side, which is okay — sweaters make me too hot all the time.

5. My Traditional Shetland lace Shawl. This thing will be beautiful if I ever finish it. (I started it way back in May.) I’ve gotten most of it done, all the needs done are two sides, grafting and blocking. That’s it, and then it’ll be done. I wish I could find the time to get a move on this one, which probably won’t happen till after the holidays. (Tax class and Giant Scary Exam number two will both end by the middle of Decemember.) In order to finish this, I’ll have to knit that horrid edging again too. I’m resisting the urge to count all the rows of that that I’ll have to knit.

Not so bad, or at least not as bad as I thought it would be. It seems like it is simply because it’s all clustered around my desk. I have like three of those things within arm’s reach. We did have an episode last night, when I was attached by the current Tam. I was getting out of bed for some water or something, and on my way to the bathroom the Tam then launched it’s assault. Or I just stepped on a needle. Not really on a needle, but a needle sort of embedded itself into my foor sideways. I stepped into a needle. A Susan Bates number two if you must know.

I would have taken a picture, but my ability to operate a camera was slightly impeded by the blinding pain I felt throbbing up my foot. It hurt to bad to scream. I just stood there whimpering. Whimpering, and thanking god that I’ve dragon feet that are about as soft as sandpaper. (What it went into was mostly dead skin, sorry if you were eating.) Oddly enough, there was no blood. Probably because I haven’t felt my feet for about two weeks. There are a few benefits to living up here in the frozen north.

My foot’s still throbbing.

And one question, does anyone know how you are supposed to wear a Tam? I thought I did, till I actually had one in my hand, then I was at a loss. I also think that Tams are simply what my generation would call, “slouchy hipster hats”.



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