Saturday Knitting Update

Knitting time has proved itself to be a fleeting thing over the past few days. The Bookshop needed me to work an event yesterday, so what was a free evening, became one of actually having to actually work with my boss. (I like her in theory, not so much in practice. ) And then I got home, and was really tired, (It was a super busy event.) and just sort of stared off at the TV for about a half hour. I then worked on the Hybrid sweater, with is very, very slow going (I’m not so sure about this six stitches to the inch thing) instead of my quicker progress projects.

But this morning, I finally, FINALLY, finished the last sleeve of the Fishtrap Aran. This means, that if all goes as it should, I have trapped my last fish. You have no idea how happy I am with this. This pattern is very fun and very charming to knit — it makes you feel like a bucket of clever. However, the margin of error is huge, and you have to watch yourself like a hawk. The funny part is that after working on nothing but this for a few days, you look at a regular plain knit stitch and you’re not 100% sure of what you should do to it. Just knitting it seems to easy.

What else has to be done to this? Well, sew, cut, button band, and wash. That sounds like a lot, but it really shouldn’t be that big of a deal. Maybe I’ll find some time tomorrow to sew/cut. I think once I get that done, I’ll be so enthused about this that the rest will take no time at all.

I’m still not sure that I like the fabric of the Hybrid sweater. It’s a little thin. This could be good or bad, and I sway back and forth between the two. I’ll show you once I have a little more. The fact that I have a plan to knit a little more shows that I’ll probably keep it, then decide during the yoke that I hate it, and then have to grit my teeth to finish it.

At least I’m self-aware.

My plans for the rest of the day are to shorten the sleeves on the Gonorreah sweater, finish another Harry Dresden Novel, hopefully work on my book (this one is optional) and head to the coffeehouse to hear my friend play music.

My word, who lives better than I do.


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