How I spent last night

Still no finished sleeve on the Fishtrap Aran. It might help if I were to, uh, work on it. I have it sitting on my desk right now, right next to this computer, and it waits patiently for me to work on it for a second or two, mostly while I’m waiting for a page or something to load. You’d think that this would give me a shoddy amount of knitting time, but surprisingly not — I have an old computer. (One that has decided, for reasons that are entirely beyond me, that it is to much to ask, to be able to comment on a WordPress blog. If you have a WordPress blog, please know that there is much, much that I want to say to you, I just can’t.) So, it’s being worked on, just slowly, hopefully tonight will be its night in the sun.

Instead of working on this last night, I instead chose to graft part of my lace shawl. (Perfectly I might add, it looks like knitting!) I also finished up part of a Present. (I am not going to be saying the “C” word till after Thanksgiving, so it’s a present for that holiday if  the “P” is in caps.) Did you know that you could knit the sole of a Moccasin sock in an evening for a small footed person, if you work on it in a dedicated way and sort of ignore the housework? You can, which really makes me feel good about the rest of this holiday season. (Likely not a good thing.)

I have to brave the local today. I’m in need of needles. I loathe that shop. The owner is a constant heckler, and gives me that whole “THERE’S A MAN IN MY SHOP!!!” vibe. (I feel like I walked into the red tent.) She also thinks I’ll probably steal from her. (She obviously knows the kniters well, who among us hasn’t had the urge to walk out with Noro in our bags.) And she also is annoying. (And she swindled me in the past, sold me a wool-acrylic blend when I asked for 100% wool. It could have very well been an honest mistake, but I don’t like to believe that it was.)

But what is a fellow to do when in need of a size two, sixteen inch circular needle?


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  1. Yuck on that shop. I’d not go, but it seems not be an option for you. Why not use dps? Or the more annoying long size 2 needle and move the extra cord around? I don’t use 16″ needles though because they hurt my hands, so maybe I’m just a crank? Good luck in the ladyshop!

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