Collective Raking and Knitting

The weather is quite fine today, so across Ohio, you can hear the collective sound of leaves being raked. I was one of those people this morning. In the past, this used to be some sort of family fun thing, that we’d all take a day and go out and have a great time doing it. But now suddenly, things have dwindled down to simply me and a rake, flailing on a tarp, trying to get the leaves on the tarp, and vaguely wondering how I ended up being the one who had to take care of this.

But other than that things have been going well. I’ve been knitting steadily away at many things. There’s the Fishtrap Aran. (I cut the front!!!) I’m almost done with the last sleeve of it — it needs maybe two or three evenings worth of work, and then it’s to the finishing stages.

One piece for the Shetland shawl is done, which shall soon be grafted to the body. Gimmie a minute.

I also started a little something else too. The Hybrid Shoulder, in some lovely yarn that I picked up at Big Lots this weekend. Yes, Big Lots, did you know that they sold yarn there? I was shocked too. Most of it was horrid 100% acrylic nonsense, but there was this lovely stuff that was about a large sockweight. It too was 100% acrylic, but it didn’t feel like it — it had that starchy quality of wool. I swatched it up last night, threw 240 stitches on the needle and suddenly had a new go-to project. Granted this will probably take a while, what with it being knit at 6 stitches to the inch, but I’m fine with that, or I’m pretending very well. 

On that note, I’ve got to go do fake people’s taxes.


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