Regular Knitting Content Returns

Inasmuch as my knitting can be anything that resembles regular.

Last May I started a shawl. You may or may not remember this, but you probably don’t, this was a while ago, and it’s not like this thing has been a prominent feature of this blog. As a matter of fact, I think that this was the second Zimmermann Project project. I took maybe one picture of it. It’s the one with the lace edging that makes me want to poke out my eye on a sharp DPN.

Anyway, I started this shawl, the Traditional Shetland Shawl last May. It was worked on some, actually a fair amount, but was put to the side when Baby knitting sort of started to take over my life — as with book 4. (When I get close to finishing a book it really helps for me to have something in my life that’s slightly simple.) Any way, the center square was done, but the edgings for all the other sides were still to be knit — one was started when I put it on the back burner.

Maybe a couple of days ago, I was looking for a break from the Fishtrap Aran. It’s a wonderful knit, but it’s sort of the kind of knitting that can easily take over your life with its mysteriously twisting traveling stitches. I was looking for something that was a little bit more forgiving. A little bit more, well, I’m not sure what I was looking for. I wanted to knit something else, but I didn’t really have the energy to start something else. (I’m starting to look at the Hybrid shaping.) This really was the only thing that was on the needles at the time.

I know, that’s the shocking part.

Anyway, I am working on it pretty regularly, and am almost done with a few parts of it. I’ve got two sides left to knit, which shouldn’t really take that long. (I know, famous last words.)

Not the best picture, but it could be worse, it could always be worse. What you do here, and I’m sure I’ve explained this about a thousand times, is start with an edging pick up along the plain side of that edging, knit a trapazoid, then knit a central square with those stitches. Then, for all the other sides, start with an edging, pick up, knit a trapazoid, then graft the whole mess together. I’m still a little shakey about that last part. It does not bode well.

If I can manage to find a few hours tonight, which, believe me, may very well not happen, I may be able to steek this weekend! Oy! Chopping up your knitting! Weekend fun!


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