I don’t have to go to Canada, unless I want to

I have been riding an excellent high since last night — one that is likely to last for months. Democracy in action is really a wonderfull, and really exciting thing. I swore, swore all day that I wasn’t going to watch the election coverage. I said that to all my co-worker’s. I said that it wouldn’t matter if I watched it or not, and I would just be putting myself in hours for agony for about no reason.

I was hooked from the first minute. I swear that I only wanted to see how Obama was doing. I swear. But that was a low point for Obama, when he was losing by about fifty votes. Oh, from then on I was in it. I couldn’t tear myself away from the screen till I was certain that he was going to win. Oh, there were some really low moments, but he won in the end. It sort of makes me proud to be an American. Everytime Romney would win a state, I would start knitting faster and faster. I knit about six inches of sleeve, more would be done, but I was also stress eating.

That means four more years of wonderful things like affordable healthcare, Medicare, Social Security, Student Loan, not having every other country in the world hate us, and not living in a world where a fetus has more rights than a woman.

(If you’re reading this and offened, I don’t really care, Just saying.)

I used to have an anti-politics policy for the blog, but then I realized that it was too important not to. This is an important topic, and we have to discuss it, otherwise we’ll all be voting withen the narrow party lines that we’ve been a memeber of for years. I was having an arguement with someone the other day about politics (I would say friend, but she pisses me off to often to be called that.) and she said, “At least we live in a country where people can talk about this without taking it personal.” (I’m paraphrasing.)

And I said, “No, No, all that means is that it’s not personal to you. This is very personal to me, as it should be to all of us. What can be more personal to a person than the laws by which we are goverened?” 

I don’t remember the reply. That was the best point for me. There was one point where I said she wouldn’t be so against sex if she were actually getting any. I’m not always adult in arguements.

But we were all estatic at work this morning. We talked of nothing else for about four hours. It was wonderful. I also started yelling at some ranting right-winger. But I won’t go into that because it sort of shows my true colors.

I’m also excited to be able to watch TV again and actually enjoy it. Ohio has an absurd amount of political adds — to the point where when a commercial for a product comes on you rush out and buy it, no matter what it is.

We probably will return to knitting content tomorrow of Friday. I can’t make any promises though — I’ve been riding off this high all day and it’s not showing signs of stopping.



  1. I called Romney ‘Mittens ‘the entire time since it made him less scarier (AND I work in Utah!). There was a funny “Rape Team” election result roundup where they checked to see how all the rape gaffe dudes did. Most lost, but not all.

    If you like funny with a bit of humor and lots of smart there is a free podcast I adore from Greg Proops called Smartest Man in the World. I love the Proopkitten.

      • Yes, that’s a flight attendant commute. By far the shortest I’ve had in years. I used to go to NYC, Atlanta and Boston so SLC is super short 😉 Keep in mind I usually only commute 1x per week.

        Surprisingly the Mormon folks I work with were not unanimously pro Romney. Many were very conflicted about who to vote for. I had to get my preconceived notions rearranged. 😉

        Thank god it’s OVAH!

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