I am appalled by many things. One, how cold I am right now, despite the fact that the furnace is on. (Three layers, two socks, still freezing.) I am also appalled by the current political season. Another reason why I hate Ohio, we get tons more political ads because no president has ever been elected without getting Ohio. It makes me feel important, at any time of year but this. Last Friday I started banging my head into the back of the chair, fingers in my ears, chanting “Make it Stop! Make it Stop! Make it Stop!” Oh, make it stop. The Romney ones, the Obama ones, the local ones — I have just a general hatred of all of them. (Though I do like the ones that are anti-Romeny — while I know that they’re all lies, they still enforce my view point.)  Like my sister said a while back, (not this current season) I’m just going to vote for the candidate with the least amount of adds. It makes good sense. Not to mention I’m pretty swamped with my emergency evacuation plan if Romney wins. (I’m rowing across Lake Erie in my father’s boat. I would offer to let you come, but I’m already going to have to make two trips.) (Oddly enough, my father is a Republican, he doesn’t know that I’m stealing his boat.  What am I going to do, airmail it back?)

Oh, I could talk about politics forever, especially when it’s really not a conversation. (It is once I publish it, but for now, I can say everything I want, mostly.) I really just tell you what I think, and hope like hell you agree. I’m sure you do though.

I’m also appalled by the fact that after Halloween, you are suddenly in the holiday season. (I refuse to say the C word till after Thanksgiving) When did this happen? The holiday season is from Thanksgiving till New Year’s, period. This is not debatable. But suddenly, the consumer season has been lengthened by a commercialization of a Pagan Holiday that the early Christians stole. Isn’t it funny how this sort of thing progresses?

I’m almost done with the first sleeve of the Fishtrap Aran. I’ve got a couple of rows left to do. I just haven’t had a chance to do it. Working has been crazy, I’ve started the edits for Book 4, while still writing additional scenes for it, and now I’ve started to work on Book 5. (Not much, half of the character profiles, 30 handwritten pages, and a rough sketch of the plot.)


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