Sleeves, Pajamas, and Dirty Socks


Here’s a picture, a very blurry picture, of the first sleeve of the Fishtrap Aran. The reason why this is so blurry is because it’s very hard to take a picture with one hand and not even your dominant hand. It’s really not that much to look at. I’ve got about 5 more inches to go, then another sleeve, because I do have two arms, finish the body, hack said body to pieces, sew a bunch, and put on a button band.

How much do you want to bet that I’ll not put buttons on it?

It’s almost two o’clock on a Saturday, and I’m still not dressed. At this point I’m starting to wonder if it might not be worth getting dressed at all. I’m just going to back to bed in about 9 hours. (I think, I’m suddenly not so sure that I have the math skills to be a tax preparer.) Really, it’s the most ecologically responsible thing to do — not get dressed. Think of all the water and energy I’ll save by not putting on clean clothes. And not showering? Well, I’m taking it upon myself to save the world.

I probably won’t be going out to the coffehouse tonight because it’s trick-or-treat here locally — postponed because of Hurricane Sandy. (It rain and wind! There were tons of schools and stuff closed! Gimmie a break.) I don’t want to be mistaken for either a trick-or-treater, or a child molester, so I’ll be staying home. So, I’ll be giving into several of my natural urges today. Listening to NPR all day, not getting dressed, knitting tons, not leaving the house and watching six hours of Dawson’s Creek.

Okay, one of these has got to give — I do have some standards that I must keep up here. (And I will study my Standard deduction homework today, it’s a little disheartening because I’m starting to think that I’m the world’s worst tax-preparer.  I can explain the stuff great, I just can’t do it. And I have questions I want to ask the people in the problems, but they aren’t there to answer them.) Anyway, standards. Right.

I’ll go get dressed in a minute. Leave me alone. Don’t look at me that way. And I’ll turn down the radio while I study. And I’ll even do the dishes. Go away. Move along. Nothing to see here.

My clothes may even match. Don’t bet though.


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