The Clap

1. A. This morning, as I was flipping through the channels, after an early-morning-odd-dream-can’t-get-back-to-sleep, I learned that horrible Ann Rommney will be coming to my hometown. My first thought was “Oh, that poor woman.” (For both being married to that man, and having to come to this town!) I don’t know why she’s here, the last important thing to come out of Wadsworth was a Blue-tip match. That really shows how very desperate Republicans are — they are coming here for votes. (I also am still not 100% sure that she’ll be here. Here’s hoping they’ll all think better of it.)

B. I loathe living in the “critical swing state of Ohio.” For more reason than one.

2. I finished the Rorschach sweater on Tuesday. No picture because I have yet to wash it. However, this has not stopped me from wearing it anywhere and everywhere. I’m wearing it, and its cozy wool right now. It’s a wonderful combatant to the freezing cold weather now.  It might not be washed for a while — I really like wearing it. It fits me almost perfectly, only a touch small. I am in love with it — charmed by its hidden buttonholes and its clever shaping. I’ll wax poetical about this once I get a half decent shot of it — which might be a while because my photographer is on strike. (It’s not showing signs of letting up. I may have to hire a new one. I am not afraid to hire non-union. )

3. This sweater, having only been off the needles for about day, was already christened “The Gonnoreah Sweater” by the knitters. Don’t ask why we were talking about an STD at knitting, I don’t really think I could, or would want to, go into our mental processes at the time. It was kind of late, to be fair. And it was sort of my fault, because I was the one who tried to explain the whole, “Clap!” the inkblots together, which creates a mirror image, as this sweater is. Earlier we’d been talking about how The Clap ended up with that slang name. (It involves a clap) The sweater is yellow and green.

4. Last night we were the entertainment of a whole bookstore. There was this group of old men who were laughing at us, and this Chinese man who was trying to work or something and kept looking at us with glowing eyes.

5. So now I am working on the Fishtrap Aran almost all the time, and wondering what to do next. I’ve only (only?) 22 projects left to do. So, once I finish up everything that I’ve only needles now, I’ll be at 20. Can you believe that! This is moving right along, and I feel like I’ve culled this down to a manageable size. This thrills me to no end.

6. That still doesn’t answer the question. What to do next — for my mindless project. I’m thinking either the Stonington Shetland Shawl, or one of the yoke shapings. Any ideas?


  1. The Stonington Shawl is lovely and I’m not sure what the yoke shapings are – a whole sweater or just a dicky type thing? Please don’t let it be a dicky… The shawl looks a bit like a christening blanket, so it may just be a nice thing for your niece? {Don’t throw things at me}

    • The Yoke Shapings I refered to are the chapter of yoke shapings in KW. There’s the Saddle Shoulder, the Hybrid, the Set in sleeve, cousin Naglar, to name, well, most of them. Not a dicky. Never a dicky. Though I wouldn’t put it past EZ to plop them in there. I still have a lot of Yoke Shapings to do, 5 sweaters, mostly identical to the armhole. I’m not sure about the Stonington shawl yet. I’ll let this fester for a while. I need something mindless, because while the Fishtrap Aran is lovely it’s not exactly simple. I was thinking maybe making the center square of garter stitch. But if I do knit it, it won’t be for the baby. (My nephew, which I thought was funny.) I made a lovely Baby shawl for him, lace and painstakingly blocked. My sister took one look at it and said, “It’s pretty, I can use it to cover the car seat, can I wash it in All Free and Clear?” I just looked at her, so you know this isn’t going to happen again.

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