I’ve blown it*

I really have.

Well, let us step right out under the cold shower and have it over with.

I ran out of the gray (grey) yarn.

To begin with, I wasn’t 100% sure that I would have enough to begin with. It was a coned yarn — a goodwill find that I was pretty proud of. I like the gray heatheredness of it, and thought it would be perfect for traditional fishermann’s sweaters. (Be they Arans, or Ganseys.) So, I pulled it out of the bin when I started this sweater, even though it was a touch thin, and knit it up.

Last night, while watching TV, I ran out of gray.

This didn’t come as a shock to me. I’m not blind, and can easily see that I am running out of yarn, so it’s not a total shock. I hoped to get enough for the body, and then make the sleeves and the button bands out of another color. Well, I suppose it’ll look nice with the blue I’m using, on the sleeve, button band, and upper shoulders. It’s sort of a lovat blue, a lovely Shetland wool that I ripped out of a thrift store sweater. I’d hoped to save it for Mrs.LaidLaw’s Gansey, but I’ll have to find something else for that; I probably wouldn’t have had enough anyway.

I am getting ready for this one to be done. I’ve gone past the point where it is charming, and now it’s starting to where on my mental state. I haven’t reached DEAR GOD LET THIS BE DONE, yet, but I could be there sometime next week. It is pretty though.

I’m getting closer and closer to being done with the Rorschach sweater, but I still need some time to finish it off.

*Get it out of the gutter sicko.


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