Dr. Rorschach


There we have the wonderful Rorschach sweater. I really do think that this sweater is wonderful. It’s entertaining, but still simple at the same time. (It may seem so wonderful because it’s the anti-Fishtrap. I really only have to glance at the directions every week or so.)

The progress is slow, but that’s not because it’s a slow knit. This thing really has only been worked on three places. 1. At the hospital when my sister gave birth (you’ll remember this as the time I posted my “I hate children” post). 2. At the coffee-house. This thing is perfect for dim lighting as I stare like an idiot at old flames. 3. Reading. I’ve read so much while working on this sweater. I would say that about 75% of this sweater has been knit on without me looking at it. Cool, huh?

It’s knit out of two gift yarns, the green is Plymoth Galway Worsted, and the Yellow is knit out of (I actually have the ballband) Cascade 220, color number 9476, a color called Maize. (I feel more Native American knitting it.) By the way, I can’t recommend Cascade 220 enough. It’s reasonably priced and perfect for just about anything from cables, to colorwork, garter stitch to stockingette.

I have plans to edge the whole thing in applied I-cord. I get a little shaky at the thought.

In other news, my computer is on the fritz, and won’t alow me to comment on WordPress blogs. (I don’t know why only WordPress; I don’t really want to know.) So if you have a WordPress blog and haven’t heard from me, rest assured that I do want to comment, I just can’t.


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