This and That

1. I started the edits for my fourth book today. Use your imagination to tell how well this is going. I must say that I make a lot of very funny typos, and there are a lot more sexual undertones than I’d thought. And the plot sometimes moves so quickly. Sometimes I can’t tell if I’m laughing or crying. It feels good to return to this story after some time off, like putting on a favorite pair of shoes. (I oddly enough used that same comparison in the book. Weird.)

2. I recently received a comment telling me that she loved the way that the Fishtrap Aran sweater looked. I thought first, “Oh, she likes my sweater.” Then I thought, “No, you idiot, she likes that sweater, not necessarily the one you’re knitting, because you’re too lazy to get off your ass and take pictures.” Let’s fix that.

A little hazy, but you get the point. I do so hope you get the point. That’s all traveling stitches, every last one. I’m doing them without a cable needle, because with a cable needle, well, I’d be more likely to plunge the needle into my eye than to actually finish the sweater.

3. I always lose cable needles and wind up using toothpicks instead.

4. Despite how much I bitch and moan about knitting this sweater — how hard it is (not really that hard, just not a first Aran) and how long it’s taking, (again, not really that long) I really do like knitting it. It’s so satisfying, and is making me feel oh so clever. It’s good looking to boot too. I’m a about a foot, with about fifteen inches needed for length. (I’m starting to get tired of sweaters that are too big.) So we’re starting to move along with this. It’s starting to actually feel like I’m knitting a sweater, not some mysterious thing in the round with tons of stitch markers.

5. I am also already starting to plot it’s successor. Another Aran, if you must know. There are two left in KW after this one. I should be polishing this category off soon.

6. This weekend I ran into a bunch of non-romances past. (They were almost a thing.) There was one on Saturday, and that shocked me so much that I couldn’t speak. I just started at them with my jaw on the floor. Sunday I ran into one that I actually talked to for several minutes, and hope to do more of. Ah, and I wonder why I’m not leaving the house today. If I run into any tomorrow, I’ll just start banging my head into the wall till I forget about who they are. Good strategy.

7. I’ve been working on the Rorschach Sweater a lot here of late, mostly due to my doing a lot of things with my eyes and head, but not really with my hands. So the mindlessness of Garter Stitch is soothing me as I cry over how funny some of my typo’s are. (Some of them are true Freudian Slips.) It is slipping along, and I’m counting the days till I can finish is off. (I still haven’t come up with an exact number.)

8. I’m also feeling Rhinebeck Envy. I feel like Cinderella while all the other’s are off at the ball. I would petition a Fairy Godmother, but it’s already over this year.


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  1. I love YOUR Fishtrap Aran! Gorgeous stitches you’re getting with that wool. I’d imagine it’s a huge pain in the ass with all the charts having different repeat lengths, but you’re such a pro 😉

    One of my friends went to a Halloween party as a Freudian slip – she wore a slip on which she’d written words like “penis, mother, sex….” etc. It’s a conversation starter if nothing else.

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