Slow Going

Nothing of interest to report today. Things are rather dull. Knitting is at a minimal, really just enough to keep me sane, inasmuch as that can happen. I’m engrossed in several books, and that is making further demands on my time, as well as my inability to say no to anyone person. I really detest being this helpful and nice, but I know no other way to be. (Oh, I really wish I could tell everybody what I really think of them. I wouldn’t be very well liked, but boy would I have fun. )

The Fishtrap Aran is about 8 inches long. I really have got to get a move on with this one. It’s just proving hard to get some time to work on it, as much as I hate to go with that lame excuse. Really, this whole post is a lame excuse. I hate those, “Well, I haven’t been knitting much lately” posts on other people’s blogs, but here I am writing one. I always want to say, “Why don’t you go knit then?” Well, I guess that’s what I’ll do.

And I must say, these Aran stitches are sure slow going.


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