Freed from Gansey

There above you can see the collar on what I’m calling the second draft of Gaffer’s Gansey. It still has most of the first draft, even the wonderfully snug sleeves, but I’ve changed the parts of it I hate. (Or at least for the most part, I still think it’s a bit too wide, but that seems to bother me less.)

(By the way, I usually don’t look that hairy, it’s the angle, I swear)

What I’ve done to this Sweater:

1. Throw it into a dark corner for a few weeks.

2. Feel very guilty, thanks to Elizabeth (thanks a lot Elizabeth), about the way I was treating it, when it would be pretty easy to fix, at least for the most part.

3. I pulled it out, put it on, and took a look in the mirror. This really lowered my self-esteem, which I struggle with on most days. Too big, too long, and THE COLLAR.

4. I went with the one that I knew how to fix first. The length. To do that, the not-crazy way, what you do is snip one stitch at about the length you want it. Then you use that one stitch start to unpick EVERY SINGLE STITCH all the way around the sweater. (225 to be exact.) You put them on the needle you go, and then you knit K2, P2 ribbing all the way around till you want to throw up, then do two more rows, and then do something that resembles the sewn bindoff, but not really because you were too lazy to look it up. (It is stretchy and looks decent, I can live with it.)

5. I liked it much better, but there still was the neck hole, which went from shoulder to shoulder. It reminded me of those flash-dance sweaters, long and meant to be worn off the shoulders. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do about this. I knew it needed to be tighter, but I wasn’t sure how I should go about doing it. I threaded a thread through the collar and pulled it tight. It held in nicely and I liked it, but it wasn’t a very permanent fix, and it was a little tricky to get it off, without breaking the thread. (I never broke it, but I felt like I would.) So what I did was knit some applied I-cord around the edge at a very firm gauge. It’s holding it in nicely, and I am very pleased with it. That’s what that picture up there is supposed to be about. (Instead it became facial hair.)

6. I’m so very glad that I did the fixes on this. (I may even take it in with some elastic thread.) This was my least-favorite to knit, and when I first finished it, I loathed the sight of it. But now, with maybe two days knitting time, I have made this one of my favorite sweaters. I am not embarrassed to be seen in public wearing this thing.

But it is a hot one. I won’t be wearing this anytime but the dead of winter.


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  1. I know I’m getting older but if you think I can see the collar from that photo, you got another thing coming Garret! The solutions sound viable and somewhat painful. I rather poke my eyes out with a stiletto Signature needles than rib. You’re a trouper!

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