Some Pictures

Here I am, on my borrowed father’s computer. It has been a bit of a pain getting here, and now that I am here, things aren’t much better. For one thing, I couldn’t remember what my WordPress password was, so I had to go on my computer, and use that to figure out what it really would be. Then my old computer saw fit to throw me off the internet several times, making my life even harder. And now, I’m trying to write this on my father’s computer, where everything is different than on mine, so I keep putting a semi colon, instead of an L, or something similar.

But here I am, and boy are my eyes dry. It feels like they’re on fire. But I am not one to complain a lot (HAH!) So I’ll have to soldier on, and do what needs to be done.

Okay, first up is this sweater.

But I guess not. It won’t upload the picture either. So I guess I just can’t show you a picture, for some wierd cosmic reason. I’ve waited about twenty minutes and there still is no picture. So I guess it’s just me for a while. Lucky you. It’s hard to write a knitting blog without any pictures, but I’ll manage it somehow. I am very good at explaining things. 

I’ll say something else tomorrow, I don’t really feel like writing anything else. (I know I’m being a touch dramatic; this is hardly a tragic tale King Lear proportion, but it still just bugs me, you know. But I’ll still keep writing. To quote EZ: Onward.)


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