Wow, That’s Old

1. My computer has been giving me fits lately. Not the usual fits of not wanting to load a page in under a minute, but some abnormal ones, of not letting my upload pictures, period. You can understand how this would make a knitting blog very hard to maintain. I’m going to borrow my dad’s spiffy computer over the weekend, so I should be able to put up a few pictures then. I’m very sorry for any inconvenience. I’ll correct it as soon as I can, but that will probably be a while. (i.e. till I can save up enough to buy a new computer. Gulp.)

2. I am not to be daunted by this though. I’ve written a blog without pictures before, and I can do it again. It sort of reminds me of my old days back at Blogger, before I realized that there were these things called cameras that could be used to upload pictures. Back when my readership was still in the single digets. (Versus the tens of readers I get now.)

3. I would have put this, or something similar, up yesterday, but I had other priorities. I ordered the Knitting Workshop DVD’s you see. Six hours of Elizabeth’s British accent dropping me hits about knitting. You can see why I wasn’t here.

4. I promised myself, when I opened the package, that I would only watch one hour of them. I swore. Well, that went right down the tube, and I had to force myself not to stay on the couch and watch them again after the first six hours. I love her.

5. I learned many things yesterday.  Among many things, I learned that I’ve been pronouncing the sweater I’m knitting right now — the Rorschach sweater– wrong. (And that was the first time I wrote that without having to look it up to see how it was spelled.) It rhymes with “Warsaw,” so it is pronounced, “Roarshaw.” Interesting. And it’s named after the doctor who came up with the inkblot test. How cool!

6. I also laughed my ass off when she wanted to demonstrate the afterthought pocket, so she reached down and snipped the sweater she was wearing. When Meg gasped she turned to her and snapped, “Don’t have heart failure!” Snip!

7. As you may know, my sister has a new baby. You also should know that I live with my sister. Connect the dots. Well, he was a little fussy yesterday, so I decided to tune him out (My sister was taking care of him) and watch KW. (It had just come.) Well, about twenty minutes into the video he fell asleep, right in the middle of his feeding. So now, in a pinch, she can use EZ as a sedative. (Take note all expected mothers.)

8. There were a few funny moments concerning EZ’s age. (Note, I’m quoting, the views of other people do not necessarily reflect those of this blogger, WordPress, or any of its affliates)

Sister: Wow, she’s old.

Me: Yeah, and this was made about twenty years before she died. (I said about.)

Sister: Oh, she’s dead . . . Now I feel bad.

Then, when my sister’s beau came home, the first thing he said when he saw what I was watching,

“Wow, she’s old.”

9. I kind of want to watch them again, for, you know, fun.


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