The progress of a Gansey

Since I’ve last mentioned it, the Gansey (otherwise known as the biggest bane of my existence) has grown quite a bit. It has also grown to be a bigger pain in my ass, but hopefully it will be done before I loose that last little bit of patience with it (May not happen).

I can’t quite remember what I was doing when I last talked about it. I think that I was joining the back to the front with a knitted garter stitch strap. I think. By the way, that is a really cool way to join the two pieces, a touch fiddly, but not to bad. I found the best approach (though it’s not like I tried any other tactic, but general experience tells me that this is true,) is to pop in a favorite movie, make a little tea, and bite the bullet. It’s not as bad as you think it’ll be.

And it wasn’t, despite my having to keep ripping back due to my inability to remember increases it did move quickly. ( I could have gotten one of those little barrel counters, but I probably would have forgot to use that too.) That might possibly be  because of aforementioned bullet biting, but I prefer to think of it as my wonderous knitting skills.(Any thing to feed that ego right?)

Anyway, I moved on to the sleeves, and in what was probably record time, I knit a sleeve. Simple as that, I knit a sleeve. Just like how most sleeves are knit. It was really straightforward, even if there were a few moments where I had to fudge the directions. (But that is pretty much par for the course when it comes to Zimmermann directions.) I started the second one too, but it’s yet to make it very far.

Let’s have a picture. (And this is really weird, just as I typed that, the sun started to pour through the window. Ah, I love the golden afternoon sunlight and the way it always streams through my window at this time of day.)

Ignore the mess in the backround. Mess, what mess. That’s right.

Anyway, that’s where I am. Well, actually, I’m in a lot of places, which probably explains why this isn’t getting posted until after four. But I’ve gotten tons of work done today. (I swear it’s because nobody is posting anything, so I didn’t have to read a ton of blogs this morning before starting working.) I even spent some time with the family today. (They tend to get a little bit angry when I tell them that I put my writing first. There is a good reason why none of the good writers never got married.)


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