Shorter than I planned

I do hate to start an entry here with “I’ve been busy,” because it sounds so, well, I’m not sure what it sounds like. But whatever that is, I don’t like it. Julia Child told us to never apologize and to never made excuses, but I feel the need to — they wouldn’t have invented excuses if they weren’t ment to be used. Tuesday was a really busy day, but I could have blogged if need be. But I thought I’d have time on Wednesday. Well, I really, really didn’t have time on Wednesday. (I was up from seven-thirty to eleven-thirty. I had maybe ten minutes of down time.) And then yesterday, I really, really was planning on writing here, but work got away from me and I had this great idea for my newest book which needed researching. (By the way, I hate the internet for it’s dirty, dirty mind. There are a lot of sick, sick, sick people out there.)  And here I am today, making good on my promises to blog. You know what they say about that road to hell. Here’s a few highlights from the past few days.

1.Heaven forbid that the shop I work at should close for a week. We were buried for the past two days and today is likely to be the same. Thankfully, I do not have to be there today, though I am waiting to be called in at any minute.

2. I’ve officially learned that I can charm anybody. Yesterday I was able to coax not one, not two, not three, but four sullen teens out of their loathing for the world and make them laugh. (Actually, one of them really was twenty-five, but I swore that he couldn’t be that old.) My plan involved sexual innuendos, a minimal amount of cussing, slightly eluding to a sex dungeon in the basement, and dancing. (They finally let us have a radio.) It worked.

3. Do you remember that test I talked about last week? Well, I just got the results back. I passed. I really passed. Really. According to one statistic I found, I was in the top two percentile of the nation. I don’t know if I believe that, but I want to. The plans for the rest of this post have been scrapped for laughing with glee and dancing around. I’m sure you understand.


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