The Gansey Factory

As I slog through my current Gansey project, I was bitten by a thing I call, The GET-IT-DONE-BUG. This was also helped by my coming to the realization that I won’t get it done if I don’t work on it. I can’t make it bigger just by looking at it, but I also can’t make it bigger by bitching about it either, so I guess the really only way to get this thing out of here is to grit my teeth, roll up my sleeves, and get a move on it.

In order to do this, I’ve had to sort of pretend that I’m one of those (or one of you) knitters who do it simply for the end result. Me, I’d rather knit something that was fun to knit, even if I don’t really care much for the finished object itself. Generally though, I try for a fine line between the two. Something that is fun to knit, but also wearable. (That’s why I think I like Arans so much.) I don’t think I’ll even like the finished product so much on this sweater, so I think I’ll have to pretend that it’ll look good on me.

I realized a long time ago that this sweater isn’t going to fit me very well. It’ll be that huge warm sweater that you only wear on the fridged days of January. So I’ll wear this thing, I don’t know, maybe a dozen times a decade. I know, it’s not going to be one of those sweaters that become like a uniform some weeks. This thing has . . . a 45 inch chest!!!! Geez, I thought this thing was like a 40, or a 42. Aren’t Ganseys supposed to be tight-fitting. Who needs a chest that big? (I point to the Yarn Harlot’s Joe for that one. And by the way, I can see why she has yet to finish that thing, despite having worked on it since way back in 2004.)

So, it’s not fun to knit, it’s not really going to be terribly wearable. (I’m willing to eat crow if this thing turns out to by my favorite sweater.) Why am I still knitting it. The Zimmermann Project, if it wasn’t for that this thing would have become something else long ago. 

Let’s have some pictures. (So rare around here I must announce them. )

That’s right. I finished the body. (Aside from the shoulder strap, more on that in a minute.) Saturday morning I had a little bit more to do on the front. By the time I went to bed that night, I had a little bit to do on the back. I was so thrilled at the lightning fast production of this. But I knit all day Saturday. Two and a half hours in the morning listening to the radio. Then that night I knit for about two hours in the coffeehouse, then came home and knit for about three hours thanks to Netflix. (Two of Buffy, and one of Dawson’s Creek if you must know.)

I finished the body, and therefore the Gansey patterning, which was the only part I hated, I just really hated the patterning a lot, this morning talking with birthday visitors. (My mother turned twenty-five today.) She has you attach the two body pieces together with a shoulder strap of Garter stitch, which I think is pretty clever and good looking. (She also had you steek the armholes, which I AM NOT DOING FOR ANYTHING INVOLVING A SINGLE COLOR!) (yet)

Let me just say that all those years ago, when women used to knit these sweaters for their betrothed husbands, they really loved them. Really, really, speaks to the love that they had for their fisherman. (And they were usually knitting these at about 7 or 8 stitches to the inch, as opposed to my manby-panby 5.)

In other news, I still have yet to wet block the Baby Shawl. I need to go get pins, but I’m having issues getting to somewhere where I can buy them. (It’s not like I’d hitchhike because I need a few pins. That’s only for big thing, like when I go to see America with the love of my life, wherever they are. Knowing my luck, they’re probably seeing America without me. Ass.) I could go to the sewing shop in town, but I’d have to see the person there and I don’t like her. But then again, I don’t like a lot of people. Can I get a little help with this issue. (All three readers) Should I wait and get the pins from someplace where I won’t be watched the entire time I’m in the store, or should I bite the bullet and go? Going now means I would be able to wet block the shawl before my sister goes into labor. Waiting to go to a nice store might be pushing things a little bit.


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