50 Shades of Gansey

Tonight I take part two of a two-part test. I took part one yesterday. This test pretty much determines the difference, between “I’ll have that file ready by noon,” and “May I take your order please?” So you can understand that I’m a little nervous. (Though I am comforted by the knowledge that I can take it again if need be, I just don’t think I’d want to.) I’m also very thankful that I found a place that offers the test on two days, instead of in one big, eight hour block.

Today should be the easy day though. I am over halfway done, and today’s topics should be easy. (I just knocked on my wooden desk.) Keep your fingers crossed for me.

So, knitting has been a little light, what with cramming for this test and actually taking it. (You take four hours out of your day and see how much you knit.) Then I’ve also lost time to nervousness, and to trying not to have an upset stomach. So you see, not a lot of knitting time around here.

But I’m still plodding along on this Gansey. These days I’m really into the saying, “knitting at its worst, is still better than a lot of other things,” because that really is true. I’d much rather spend four hours drinking coffee and knitting this sweater in my comfy chair than having my brain drilled non-stop for information for four hours straight. I’m almost done with the front armhole, then I have to do the back, then join the two with a garter stitch strap, and then it’s sleeve time. The sleeves will probably take a while because they’re knit attached to the body, and I hate doing that because by the end of it I feel like I’m knitting an octopus.

I’m enjoying the cooler weather, which makes it bearable to do things outside. Last night while I waited outside of the testing center I actually got kind of cold. It’s almost time for me to wear those sweaters I’ve been knitting for a while. I’ve done two so far that I haven’t even been able to wear, aside from their original photo shoot. And it’s also jeans weather, which thrills me beyond belief. (More than it really should.)

I’m also reading that new bestseller, 50 Shades of Grey. Let me tell you something, you know how you’ve heard that it’s really dirty and smutty. That is true. Really true.  There was one night, I was sitting outside and reading it, and I just couldn’t stop laughing. There was just so much sex. (This was before the S and M stuff.) It was not at all a funny part, but I just couldn’t stop laughing. All those descriptions, it make me felt like it was almost a parody of romance novels. (Romantic it ain’t.) Is that weird, how funny I found it? I just couldn’t stop laughing.

The story is a good one though, I just don’t think it’s quite worthy of the level of fame it’s received. I could see for a book like The Help, that was a good book that dealt with serious issues in an amusing but thoughtful manner. It was about a serious time in American History, and it protrayed it in a way that made it possible to understand what these people went through.

50 Shades of Grey, is a good book, but it isn’t one that you read in a few days. (At least for me, and I don’t know what you do in your personal life.) Some people might find it better than me.

Another funny story about that book before I have to go. Last night, while I was standing outside and Adult Education Center (And this place is in the middle of nowhere) after my test and waiting for my ride, I was reading that book and there was one part that was so gross I just started jumping up and down screaming “EW! EW! EX!” It was truly barf worthy.  (Leave a comment if you want to know which part it was.)


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