Death by Gansey

I will come out and say it, I hate knitting Gansey patterns. There, it’s out, make fun of me at will. But it won’t change the deep-seated loathing that I have of them.

It started almost two years ago, with the Gansey Socks. Yes, Gansey socks, from the days back when I knit things that weren’t Elizabeth Zimmermann based. I started them, in October, two years ago I think. They were some of my least favorite projects ever. Worse than that time I knit 7 pairs of fingerless mittens back to back, only because people kept asking for them. (That was also back in the days when I couldn’t say no, and always did what I would say. I still can’t say no, but I can at least pretend that I forgot.) It was worse than seed stitch blanket I knit one winter. (It went pretty quick, what with being on the needle during the holiday rush. And I think I was also knitting that one when I first started up the little ole’  blog, in what was either a crazy or inspired morning.) It was even worse than that sweater I tried to knit at 7 stitches to an inch with worsted. (OW! I don’t even know how I was looking back.)

Anyway, before that little trip into the knitting past, I was telling you about those socks. They were knit out of a simple Gansey pattern that I loathed. There was no chart, so I had to follow written out instructions. I didn’t think to write my own chart. They were knit out of a dark yarn — which wasn’t a good choice for the darkest time of the year. I worked on them so slowly, that I didn’t finish them till the following June. Can you imagine? I didn’t touch another Gansey pattern till now.

It’s not as bad as the socks were, this sweater is. It’s on a much larger scale, and it’s knit out of a nicer yarn, and I’m smarter now. It also helps that it’s got a chart. I love charts.

Though I’ve divided for the armhole (not long now) it still is boring while still being challenging. (It is the wrong kind of challenging.) I’m having to purl back, and it’s creating a few interesting designs what with not always being able to see what you’re doing. It’s that, or I steek the armholes, which is not happening.  I don’t like to cut my knitting, despite how easy everyone says it is. I still have my doubts, though I will have to do it at some point, as a part of this whole Zimmermann thing, and learning stuff. (Bettering yourself is such a chore.)

So I’m knitting a dull pattern, but still challenging. I have got the urge to start something else bad. Maybe the Saddle shouldered sweater or something like that. I’ve got that yarn that would be great for that. It would be the right gauge, and it’s just sitting there, wanting to be knit. I should knit it, shouldn’t I? If I didn’t, it might get sad, right?

Also, Cheryl of Pearls- Toronto, link on sidebar, I know you’ve been MIA from blogland for a while now, but could you please tell me which pattern you want to KAL with? (If you’re even making time in your busy life for all of us little people.) I want to know so I don’t start it without you. We don’t even have to start it till you’re ready. Or if you’re backing out of it, or if your just selling the stash off on Ebay, and trying to forget about this whole knitting endevor, tell me, and I’ll shut up about it.


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