Booties: Lightening Fast

Last night, I started feeling a little insecure about my knitting. Not along the lines of, “does this make me look fat,” but, “I should do more of this for other people.” (This is usually followed by disaster.)

Well, there is a baby coming here in about a month, which I realized yesterday. I have three urges, A. Sleep while I still can.  (This really shouldn’t be a problem, after years of having people tramp through my room at all hours, I can sleep pretty well.) B. Start looking for an apartment. (I like things to smell nice and be clean, both are hard to do with both a baby and my sister around.) and C. OH MY GOD, I HAVE NOT KNIT ENOUGH.

Well, there is really only one way to fix that feeling, as least the last one. It’s called knit more baby stuff. (I’ve done like 4 sweaters and two blankets, but it still doesn’t feel like enough.) So, last night, around 10:30, I cast on some booties. They are from Newsletter #22 on page 108 of The Opinionated Knitter, by, of course, Elizabeth Zimmermann. This is the first project all summer that I’ve knit that’s not from Knitting Workshop. I’m very proud of my determination, or at least so far.

They are knit out of some leftovers, (Oddly enough, from my first Seemless Yoke sweater from over two years ago. Also, my first Zimmermann sweater.) They’re a little more purple in real life. And they took so little time. The whole pair took about three hours. (One knit last night, one this morning.) This was such a fast high, and I think that they are just so freaking cute. Would it be bad to say that this is my favorite baby knit so far? I mean, the sweaters and blankets were cute, but the sweaters were a little, not me, and the blankets wore on my TONS by the time they were done (Still fun though). But these, wham bam thank you ma’am. Done, and I am so happy with those. This is an easy and fun pattern, one that I recommend highly. Knit them, you won’t be sorry.

In other news, still working on the Gansey, Still not dividing for the armholes. I am working on making my peace with it.


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