Knitty News

Things are starting to take a turn for the better around here, at least as far as my knitting is concerned. Yesterday was a rather knitty day (I got to knit during the daytime, and in public). And today, while it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be so, I think I can sandwich a little time here and there. (Hope for a slow night at work, but I always do that, and it’s really hard to simply stay caught up, let alone ahead.)

Let’s share, shall we. First, the projects.

Picture number one is the hat from earlier this week. It’s hard to take a picture of pink and white, flash or none, so this thing is going to be a poorly documented project. (Yeah, because I’m so great at showing all the others.) I haven’t been working on it a lot, I need to get a length for it. Dumby over here asked for a head circumference, but not a height measurement.

The bottom picture is of the Gansey, my current project. I don’t think you’ve seen this thing for about a month. It’s grown up a lot since then. I’m ready to start the armholes on it. I changing it though, I don’t think it’s really necessary to steek the armholes on a single color garment, you know. Then again, I hate steeking. I dont’ know, there is just something about hacking up my knitting with scissors, that I dont’ really care for.

Other knitting occurrences.

One – The first gift I’ve ever gotten from another blogger came today. I don’t want to embarrass the person, though he probably wouldn’t care. (And he’ll probably say something too.) I just want to ask the question, are other people with weird and obsessive hobbies this generous with each other? Do Civil War reenactors dye to much vegetable dyed wool just so the can share it with other people? Do skateboarders lend out extra boards willy-nilly? Do yoga people let you borrow their extra mat? I don’t know the answers to these questions, I just want to say that there is no one better than the knitters. We should totally take over the world.

Two (and this is a small one) – Wendy, of Wendy Knits, replied to a comment I left on her blog. That is all.


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