Things are a little dim in this ole’ tavern

Hello everybody, sorry for the lack of blog yesterday, it was a long day that went from almost the time I got up till the time I went to bed. I Got up and a half hour letter went out to pick blueberries, did that till two, and then helped my father replace the brake lines on his truck. (You read that right.) I am a man of many talents, and I hope that brake lines are not going to be one of them. (I can with certainty that they aren’t now. ) And also,I should know this by now, but when my father says something like “Could you help me with just this one little thing,” that it means, “Would you sit there for six hours and hand me wrenches while I cuss and despair about the fact that six inches of brake line cannot got seven inches.”

Also, I would like to say that my father said this would take a maximum of four hours. I then said that it would probably take six, because my father is noteworthy for his abstract relationship to time. He said, “I already added two hours, this really only should take one or two.”

Guess how long this took. Six hours was about right. I know that I’m not always right, but there is so much evidence to the contrary.

Which sucked because, not only did I lose prime working hours, I also lost blogging time. I try to post every other day, and some days it’s pretty hard because I don’t always have something to say. But yesterday, I actually did have something to say.(It won’t be the same now.)

Knitting Workshop is the only one of EZ’s books that can be called “Learn to knit” Some of them are great for beginners who don’t know what gauge is, but for the most part KW is the only one that could be used as a learning book. (Though I wouldn’t recommend it, she sometimes thinks you a lot smarter than you are.) In KW, she recommends that you use a hat to teach you how to knit, which is a good idea, and much better than the paltry and boring scarf. She tells you how to knit said hat, what to do, different ways to do it ect.

I was bothered by this project, I already knew how to knit, and there isn’t much that I don’t know how to do — or at least things that I care to learn. I thought that in the true spirit of the thing, I should use it to lean something I didn’t know how to do.

Enter project stage left. My mother had a friend, as a matter of fact, this friend used to be her boss. This friend, we’ll call her Peggy, (mostly because that’s her name) has a granddaughter. One day Peggy saw something knit, that she liked It was a pink football hat that looked like the place where you hold onto it on a football. (That place where your hands go, I’m sure there is a name for it.) Anyway, Peggy wanted this knit, knew I knit, and you can put the rest together.

Ordinarily this sort of thing would merit the response of “Yeaaa – no, no.” I’ve got more important things to do with my time, and I don’t even like football. (I think it’s needlessly barbaric, and I think that the millions those players make could be used to a much better purpose. I also don’t like Tim Tebow. I’m also ashamed I sort of know who that is.) I also hate it when non-knitters assume that we all would be so pleased to have them ask for fiddly and time-consuming pieces of crap, and then get all pissy when we don’t make it. (‘Cause I can never say no, which should make me very popular during college.)

But, it was a little cute. (It’s for a baby, which shouldn’t make it cute, but babies are cute from a distance, when they aren’t there to interrupt right at the good part of your story. Babies are kind of drama queens.) And I was looking for something I needed to learn. (This thing is Intrelac, which I ordinarily would hate, and still do on principle, but I don’t know how to do it, and it is on a small-scale.) And I was looking for a new project. Peggy is also a potential knitter, and something like this, made up on the fly, could be enough to push her over the edge, if you know what I mean. It’s also a hat for a toddler, so it shouldn’t make me want to push myself over the edge.

I would show you a picture of it, but it’s dim and I can’t get a good one. Later on it the week I promise.


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