Cutting and Blocking

Just a few minutes ago I laid open a finger picking out in the garden. Let me tell you a little something before I tell you how this happened, you must know a little bit about my, and specifically about how I pick vegetables. I have in my possession, a very large pocket knife. You couldn’t carry this in Michigan, it’s over three inches. I carry this thing with me everywhere. It comes in handy for having to break down boxes, and carving initials in trees (because I do that all the time). It also makes me feel fearsome and generally bad ass, though if I were ever in that situation, where I would use a knife to cut something besides cardboard and vegetables, I would run like Forrest Gump.

Anyway, today I was out picking vegetables in the garden. (Saying that makes me feel like I should be wearing an apron and a bonnet while I do so.) And after doing my bi-weekly battle with the beans, and picking about a peck of peppers (How much is a peck? Like you pick till you have them?) I dropped my knife and went to pick it up as it was falling. You can see where this is going. That wasn’t even really a cussing moment, it went beyond that. I now have two fingers with band-aids on them, and it’s making typing very hard. It wasn’t quite bad enough to need stitches, but it was still enough to just make everything for the next three days pretty hard. (And I have an eight hour practice test tomorrow. I am taking this test mostly because I am FREAKING out about the eight hour test that I have to take in about ten days. This test entails writing a decent essay in 45 minutes. This is all on my right hand., which is of course, the one I right with. I am petrified with this.)

In other news, I have finished all but the blocking on the Baby Shawl from KW. It looks great, and that’s saying something pre-blocking. The border is finally done, which I think is just great, I have no other words for it. I’ll show you a picture of the shawl once it’s been blocked. Don’t expect that to be for a while. Let me explain my blocking philosophy to you.

For a sweater, I hand wash and lay flat to dry, no pins, no fuss. It just sort of neatens it up, cleans out any of the dirt it would have picked up while knitting, and gives it a final ending. (There’s so many, “I’ve finished this, but I still have to do X,Y,Z before I’m really done” moments with a sweater, you know, that’s why I like seemless.) When it’s for something that will be machine washed (yuk) I just run it through the washer/dryer and call it a day. For shawls, I need to wet it, stretch it, and pin it ruthlessly in order to be satisfied. This is no exception.

The only problem, I don’t have the room to block it.  I used to have a room that had a more or less open floor. It was great for dancing, made even better by the beautiful radio, but it was also good for wet blocking shawls. I would spread out a sleeping bag, borrow my mother’s pins and have a whole lot of fun.

Now things are different. I lost said blocking and dancing room (as well as my bookshelves, and desk space, but I digress). Some people moved, and things got changed, and I, as per usual, got the short end of the stick. (It keeps getting smaller too.) So there’s no floor space with blocking, short of the living room, because someone, not naming any names, has this weird and deep fear of pins being on or anywhere near the floor.

I can’t do it on the bed, it just makes me to nervous. (Not pins, but a wet bed.) I think I could pin it too a sheet and let it dry outside though. There’s plenty of room out there. I only need to buy pins, which will take a while, because I need to have both the money, and the place to buy them. I will keep you updated though, show you pictures, and bitch about the border more, when the time has come. I will also let you know about this slightly unorthodox method of blocking, and how it turns out.

Hope the rest of your weekend is good.


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