Thursday, what a day, the choices are endless


Oddly enough, this picture sort of lit a fire under me. I look at it and thing. “Oh my, how pretty, all my lovely lacy stitches, sitting there, looking all polite and delicate.” It makes me want to go knit it and get a move on. It just looks, like what I though it would be.

(Ignore the lumpy stitches, it’s unblocked. It’s also unfinished.)

On the other end of this cotton lace with seven stitch rows, is the Gansey, with 225 stitches to the round, many, many rounds of plain stockingette till I get to the armholes. It’s in a lovely wool that’s all nice and starchy. (I like my wool the way I like my food.)

So tell me, show me, what are all of you knitting this summer? I’m dying to know. (I’m also dying to hear what project you want to knit with me Cheryl? Hmmm Ms. Pearls-Toronto? I know you’re busy with gainful employment and everything, but please, please tell me so I don’t accidentally knit it without you. We don’t even have to start it for a while (fall would be great).  If you don’t let me know soon, I’ll pop over to your blog and start leaving annoying comments like this ALL THE TIME. )

(Note, I had a post all written up, and then had some huge blog problems. I solved it, more or less. All the stuff at the sidebar was moved to the bottom and we can’t have that. So I fixed it, but somewhere along the lines I lost the first half of the post and about a half hour. I now know that I had too man HTML tags, whatever that is, and that it was being all wired. I think it was the picture’s caption. It had one, it said. “Yes, the backround for this picture is my bed, and no, I don’t care.”)

(What I lost was mostly me dithering and complaining about the seven stitch rows that comprise the border on this shawl, and how much I hate them and how much they are so not worth it. You didn’t miss much. Just be lucky there was anything up at all today.


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