Dispatches from the Edge

I hate people who insist on being in a shop once it’s closed. There, I’ve said it. I think all people who have worked in anything resembling the customer service industry agree with me.

Case in point. Today, yours truly worked at a bookshop. It is small, local, cheap, and I love working there. But this is not about how much I love books, and that shop, the people there, the tutors, clients, and all 3, 4, or five of my bosses. (Don’t get into it, it’s a long story, and I also have the board of directors too.) This is about how I had to stay 40! minutes past closing to wait for the world’s most oblivious people to get out of the shop. I ordinarily would have just left, and let my supervisor deal with it, but he had tutoring appointments from 1pm to 7pm, so he was a little busy. (All back to back, I don’t know how he did it.)

And despite how loudly I sighed, these people refused to leave. I think they may have been part of some hidden camera thing, but maybe I just watch to much TV. (Speaking of which, did anyone see the new Grimm last night, so good!) I could have said, in a mouse like voice, “we closed ten minutes ago,” but I can’t do that. Don’t ask me why, but I just can’t. I’m not assertive, despite the vibe you might get from this blog. I’m two faced, not aggressive. I put up with all sorts of crap, and then bitch to anyone who will listen. Lucky you.

It’s one thing if they want to be there till, say ten minutes after five. That, I can live with. We all are clueless on occasion, and it happens to a lot of people. But it’s just like these people were just sent to try me. I am narrcistic enough to think that they were sent by some force just to make me do something I didn’t want to do. (I do blog, an exercise in narcissism. It’s so fun to think about yourself instead of other people though, you know.)

Anyway, I just needed to vent about the lack of common curtesy. (Also, I’m sure those people thought I make A LOT more money working there than I do.)

Back to your regularly scheduled programing.

I’m working on the edging for the baby shawl. Let me tell you something, I hate working on edgings. I thought it was just some edgings that are mind numbingly stupid and boring. But no, it’s all edgings. I hate I-cord, I hate applied lace or other edgings. What I think I really despise is just the short rows. I like long rows that take hours to finish. (Not really long ones, but the phrase “one more row” can buy you some time.) The actual edging is only boring, not enough to take the will to live right out of me. It doesn’t help that it’s such an after finishing thing. (I just finished this to-die-for shawl. Now I have to put an edging on it. Fun.)

I’m working an hour a day on it about. I do it before I touch any other knitting. It is hard, but I do it.

And then I’ve got the Gansey, which is in the boring stockinette phase, more on that later when I’m not about ready to fall asleep. (Who knew what getting up an hour earlier could do to your body clock? More proof that getting up early, and all that wholesome stuff is not good for you.)



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