Hot Damn! It’s Done!

It’s cold (comparably) and wet (comparably) here. I’m loving it, mostly because I like weather that harkens to Yorkshire, and it also means I get to wear jeans. (I don’t know why, but I am unable to find shoes that look good with shorts, I’ve tried, but I can’t find any. I’m not sure if it’s the shorts or the shoes.) The weather is cool, and I actually felt like baking today, so there is another Zucchini bread in the oven, the intoxicating smell is permeating the house, and providing a cozy warmth. The house is colder than it’s been since about January, and I’m loving it. Makes me want to put on a pot of tea, and start a new knitting project.

I won’t start a new project though, till I finish some old ones. I want to only have one before I start another, but I’m getting closer, because,

Dudes, I finished the square baby blanket yesterday. Yeah, you read that right. I finished it yesterday, and it’s all washed and done, and clean and done, and pretty and done.

Did I mention it’s done.

The joy at being done with this is great. It’s wonderful. I love being liberated from this prison. It was a little grating towards the end (can you tell,) but it, as far as garter stitch blankets go, was pretty interesting. Not saying I’d want to make another one for about two hundred years, but it wasn’t bad. There is near constant shaping on it, which is what gives it that spiral, almost hypnotic look.

See, done. The yarn is knit out of one I shall not name, out of respect for my readers. The pattern is The Square Baby Blanket from Knitting Workshop. I think this is my fifth pattern from this book. It took me several weeks to knit, mostly because I put it down for long periods.

Note the successful Garter Stich grafting. The first time I’d ever done that perfectly right. Well, it isn’t perfect, because the stripe pattern is a little off, so there is one point where there are two blue stripes. Which is my own fault for making something number based four, with three colors. Sigh. It’s for a baby, who cares, right?

I’ve got a Gansey and a shawl on the needles, who wants to bet that I cast on something new before the weekend it out?



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