Knitting for reading

I sit here at the computer, trying to think of something to tell you. The fact that I can’t think of anything to say probably tells me that I shouldn’t be saying anything, but I really hate to only post once so far in a week, but I feel like I need to say something, if only this rambling drivel.

I’ve been knitting, just not really enough to merit a picture or anything. I’m still working on this baby blanket, and let me tell you, while it is still boring and sucking the life out of me, it is still a touch interesting. I’m learning a lot about short rows, which was something I was woeful lacking in knowledge about. (This whole blanket is nothing but a long, long series of short rows.) I love the colors of it too. I’ve got a few hours till I’m done with this, but finding those few hours is proving to be difficult. (I must watch more TV.) Also, I’m not really wanting to work on this, because do you want to be knitting a large baby blanket in 80% humidity?

I’ve also been reading a lot lately. A lot. And paper backs too, so knitting while reading is out. I discovered the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. So, I’ve got about 7.5 more books to read (plus I’m missing a few in the series). This swelled the to read pile to over 40 once more. I don’t think I’ll even be able to read all of those books.

But these Dresden Files are really good. (If you like Buffy you’d like these books.) They’re about Chicago’s only professional wizard, who’s also a P.I. dealing with supernatural stuff. He fights all sorts of evil and makes smart ass comments while he does it. When I grow up, I want to be Harry Dresden.

(There’s also a TV series that was based on the books, but I’m waiting to watch that till I read more or the books.)

And I also love looking up and seeing a half a shelf with only one author’s name on it. I don’t know why. It’s a weird quirk.


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