Mistress Garret How Doth the Garden Grow?

It’s beautiful weather today. Eighty degrees, sunny, but with a cool breeze. I can’t wait to go back outside, and I’m actually looking forward to working out in the garden tonight. (And here lately I weep at the thought of setting foot outside of the house, what with the 90+ temps.)

We’ve been having bumper crops this year, of just about everything. (Except lettuce, but what can one expect with three year old seeds.) To those of you who know me personally, if you want any green beans, come over and pick them. Please.

We’ve been having a great year for peppers, as opposed to last year’s dismal time of things. It seems they grow like mushrooms, over night and suddenly. Only, these things prefer dry weather. I have more cucumbers than I can eat, which is a lot because I can go through at least one a day. Tomatoes we haven’t seen a lot yet, but judging by all the green ones, I should be having a lot soon. The Eggplant has a lot of green buds on it. The squash has once again taken over a lot of the garden. (Which makes me very happy I accidentally killed that tomato plant because I wouldn’t be able to get to it anyway. )

The only thing that we haven’t had lot of yet is Zucchini. I killed a plant, and the other died. (Not because of me.) So we’ve got one whole plant left. Thankfully those things are as common as dirt around here, so getting ahold of any is not a great trouble.

In other news I am still knitting the blanket, but I’m so close to the end that I can taste its sweet taste. It’s the taste of being able to knit on something else. Let me tell you it’ll be at least a little while before I take another project out of Great Garter Stitch. This blanket has nearly taken all the fight out of me. I am looking forward to the grafting at the end of it, if only for something else.

Looking forward to grafting. Who am I?


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