Zucchini Bread

Last night, I got hungry. This itself is not new, though I have been losing weight, I assure you that I get hungry all the time — several times a day as a matter of fact.

When you get hungry you usually eat something. Whether that something is a cucumber or a rare steak, you put some food in your mouth and chew. I, instead of going for the quick filling of something like soup, (Towards the end of the week, not a lot of choices in the house.) decided to make Zucchini bread.

I ordinarily don’t blog about my food, it would be a touch depressing if I told you about the prefab chicken patties or the pasta I eat at least weekly. I also don’t really bake much. This is the reason. In the weeks preceding Christmas, I get that dangerous festive bug, so I go on a bevy of baking. By the time the twenty-fifith rolls around I don’t want to look at any thing that even resembles flour. It’s at least June before I really want to do anything, and by that point it’s usually to hot. So, you see, aside from a few loaves of bread, I don’t really do much.

Also, I forget to take pictures. I’m in awe of Loaves and Stitches  who must have a camera that doesn’t leave the kitchen. (See sidebar, I think, if not, I really should list her, and you should read her. The woman bakes the way I complain. Daily and in great varieties.) There are a few meals you may want to see. (Like the Sensual lasagna.) But I never remember to snap a picture of these things before the family gobbles them up, which gives me about four seconds to run upstairs and get the camera, then run back down and remember to shut off the flash and take a picture. Generally the only thing you’d see would be the heel of bread and the look on my face as I blithely pull out the Tupperware.

So last night I make Zucchini bread. I had a craving for something sweet, and I had the urge to use up some of the Zucchini that I have lying around. (It’s not that much, but it feels like a lot.  Not to mention I had the world’s largest one.) 

Let these pictures and captions (long captions) speak for themselves. (I can wax lyrical about knitting and me all day long (this is a blog, i.e. an exercise in narcissism) but I have little experience yaking about my baking, and it also makes me feel like some Minnesota housefrau.)

It is pretty tasty if I do say so myself. And I also will admit that I am responsible for a few of those pieces. This also could be another post in my “Odd habits of the Midwesten People” series.

In other news, I’ve reached that point in my knitting where I am this close (I’m holding my fingers close together here) to finishing  most of the stuff on my needles. So, I’ll go from a while with no finished objects with two at once. One of the problems of working on multiple things at once. I think I’m becoming a one or two project at the time kind of knitter. Yay for me!


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