Hello everybody. And how are you doing? I am fine, thanks for asking (I knew you would). Things are how here, and I need to go water the garden, as well as do about half a dozen other things, but here I am instead, talking to all of you, so you can feel lucky and important that I am chosing you over laundry.

My knitting has been taking an odd turn lately. Also, none of it really merits a picture, because there is little of it, and what there is really doesn’t look that different then the last time you saw it. (That’s the problem with knitting a large baby blanket in Garter Stitch.) I have been knitting, but it’s sort of like I’m not going anywhere, like I’m spinning those knitting tires. I am loving everything that I’m working on, but it just seems off somehow.

So, instead of knitting, take a look at the yarn that I recycled last weekend.


I really am looking forward to knitting this up. I’m thinking about maybe the Saddle Shouldered sweater, but I’m open to other ideas. I’ll have to hold it doubled because it’s a touch on the thin side. There should be enough though, because this was an XXXX large. (It was a little small for a four X though.) If I skip dessert I’m about a medium, so I think I should be fine.

This yarn is going to be so neat. It’s a demin yarn, which means that it is prone to wearing and fading, and this is why that the sweater looks like it’s vertically striped with blue and white. It’s so cool, and I really just want to make something of it, but that will wait till I finish up at least two of the things I have on the needles., but probably would wait till after I finish all three (which will be a while.)

Now, once I get around to washing it, I’ll show you the really old handspun yarn that I got off of a friend’s new (really old) weasel. (To those who don’t know, a weasel is an early version of the niddy-knotty, it’s used to wind hanks of yarn. That’s where the line “Pop goes the weasel” comes from because every time you wind a yard of yarn, it goes pop.) Once I do that, I’ll be more or less caught up from vacation and the Internet lapse.


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