He’s Back

Hello everybody! I’m back, and while I had a wonderful time, I am so happy to be back home, where I know where we keep the paper towels, and where if I want to read Sense and Sensibility, it’s right there on my shelf.

I had a great time though. I got back on Friday, and my internet was being pissy (not unlike myself, maybe as a result) so I wasn’t able to say anything. That’s a shame because I’ve got so much that I want to tell and show you. I knit a bunch, and I’m working on more WIPs then I’ve had in at least a year. (Maybe a few less, but it feels like more) I want to tell you about this really cool sweater that I took out last night, and the disaster that befell my spinning wheel. (The disaster being me.) I want to show you the really old yarn I got, plus the cheap (but good!) stuff that I bought on vacation, but forgot to bring back. All this is swirling in my head, and I can’t think of which of these threads to take up first.

Let’s start with the knitting I did, both there, and back.

The Shawl

In Knitter’s Almanac, Elizabeth writes:

July is travel month.

Aged couples such as we pay no heed. We do not wish to become part pf traffic, let alone a statistic. We sit snug in our snug yard, letting travel mean nothing more to us than a faint swish from the main road — swish of families headed inexorably north, satisfied and exhausted south. We shall hold our fire until later, when crowds thin and the mosquito retreats.

When you set out on the annual family trip naturally you have to take your knitting; something has to keep you sane in face of the possibly quite ferocious situations you will be up against in the next two weeks.

Try a shawl.

So I did, and with very good results. Though not the pi shawl that she’s talking about, but the Baby shawl, which is earlier in the book.  (Both are in Knitter’s Almanac, as well as Knitting Workshop.) It’s knit in a plain blue cotton, that I ripped out of a sweater over a year ago. I’m working some alternating lace pattern  that is holding my interest well. This is destined to be a shawl/blanket for my soon-to-arrive nephew. (See below, and to answer Joe’s question, I didn’t knit anything for the shower, she got stuff before it, and will after it. Hell, two out of three projects on this post are for Oliver.) I hope to edge it in a dark blue cotton.

Next Up, something else for Baby, and something else from Elizabeth. (Getting tired of it yet, I’m not.)

The Square Baby Blanket

The same Blanket, during a power outage early Saturday morning

This is the Square Baby Blanket, also from KW. This one didn’t go with me on vacation, but stayed at home, biding it’s time. I’ve been working on it a lot since, and it’s pretty fun, and I really love the colors. (Also, so does my sister. The were, to quote “the exact colors I wanted.” Score!) It’s almost half way done. It needs maybe two episodes of Dawson’s Creek to get there. It’s knit out of a mid-level acrylic. (Less soft then that Caron nonsense, but less prone to splitting, and I like it better over all.) It’ll be a little bigger than I thought, due to my odd, and very loose gauge. (I am in the running for the world’s loosest knitter, which makes me very popular amongst a few other knitters.) I plan to edge it in I-cord.

Last but not least, something for me that I’ve been kicking around, knitting on it in stolen moments. This sweater is like my concubine. (While the other two are my wives?)

The Gansey

This is knit out of a lovely wool. (Galway Worsted, in well, a green color.) I love the heathered-ness of it. It’s from KW, and I really love working on it. I took this with me on vacation, in case I knit  seven times faster than I usually do. I bought the needle there, one of the only things, I remembered to bring home. (They had Clover bamboos half off!) I’m attempting to work my initials on the back, like the original Ganseys did.

There, I think I’ve said enough for today. Any Questions?


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