Lake Wadsworth News

(With my apologizes to Garrison Keillor.)

It’s been a nice week here in my hometown. The weather has been beautiful, if not a little warm, though things did cool down to below eighty on Friday. A day below eighty in July is a rare thing, and something to be treasured. I savored the day by treating myself to a six inch sub and a cup of soup, which, with a drink, was purchased for the low price of 5.35.

Yesterday was a beautiful day too. It was about eighty degrees with a wonderful breeze that made you feel that life was worth living. A blue sky that was puffily dotted with cottonball clouds.

We had my sister’s baby shower yesterday. It was about a medium sized affair with a variety of people attending in a little pavilion on the side of a wooded trail. We greatly overshot the food requirement, so I’ve got some green bean casserole left over if anybody wants any.

We were still decorating when the guests started to arrive, but that was probably due to the fact that nobody listens to my suggestions. I said to write two-thirty on the invitations, but for all of us to act like the party was starting at two, so that way we’d probably be ready on time, and could greet people warmly, instead of giving a quick hi-ya and a look that said, “what the hell are you doing here, couldn’t you be late like we are.” (I’m sorry that was such a bad, and unintentional pun.)

One woman won three of the prizes, but I felt that she should have been disqualified after the first win. I was able to get eight for the baby alphabet game, which is good, considering that I’d never been around children, and if all goes according to my plans, I won’t be for long. There was an utterly priceless moment, and I’ll let this picture do most of the talking.

Damn, I thought this would be a better picture

See that, four grown men having a contest, drinking milk out of baby bottles. (There was a younger kid too, but you can’t see him, and this is much more funny.) This was utterly hilarious, and I’m still laughing about it as I write this. We had a co-ed shower, and this was one of the boy’s games, drinking milk out of baby bottles. The third one from the right won, who oddly enough, is to be the acting father.

(Joe, have a field day with this.)

In other news, I leave tomorrow for a 1-2 week stay in Athens Ohio. This is a haphazard vacation that I’ll be taking, so undefined that I don’t even know how long I’ll be staying. (We’re going to see how one week goes.) So expect posting to be light, if at all for a little while.

For vacation knitting, I’m taking a shawl, a pair of socks, and the start of a Gansey. I think that should be enough, though I will be in a yarn friendly house, who understand things like circular needles and wool. (And Buffy.)

I’ll I’ve got left to do is wait for tomorrow.

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