Surprise, A Surprise!

There is nothing nicer than meeting a nice goal. Don’t you know it? And this Zimmermann project has a lot of goals, so every time I finish something, anything for it,  no matter how small, I feel like I’m on top of the world.

A little Baby Surprise action?

I love this pattern. I really do, to an almost unhealthy degree. I almost have it memorized. I’ve knit it, I think three times, or maybe four. I’ve lost count, which is odd, because I’ve only been knitting these for about six months, so you think I would have remembered, but such is me.

I’m about to be an uncle soon (head rush), so, as that, and resident knitter, I must churn out scads of sweaters and booties to appease the demand. I also have to knit seven sweaters that are all identical up till the armhole, but I digress. Thankfully this pattern is in KW so it’s “aloud”, as is the Tomten Jacket and two baby blankets, so I think I’m good in that respect.

The only intentional mod, though there were a few mistakes that I chose to ignore, was changing it from five button holes to three. Don’t ask why, I’m not embarrassed to admit that I didn’t want to sew FIVE buttons on, though I wasn’t to crazy about three either. I also like the number three better, but five is a close second. (I know, totally odd.)

This is project number three for the Zimmermann project, and the first from Great Garter Stitch. (By the way Cheryl, where are you!! What are we going to KAL*  too. If you want to back out, or do it at a much later date, just tell me so I don’t start the project without you!)

Of course though, the expectant mother, mia sorella, doesn’t really care for the sweater. She said the cut was “too girly”. Bite me. Of course, that was from the mistakes that I was too lazy to fix, and now am really not going to change because it would involve taking off the buttons and re-putting them on. Oh well, she’ll appreciate it when the baby’s already thrown up on all of its other clothes. (I wasn’t trying to sound like a bitch there, it just happened.)

In other news, I’m almost done with the Tomten Jacket. I’ve about half a sleeve to go, then sew buttons on the already knitted bands (done perfectly I might add) then we’re done with this one. I would post a picture now, but it feels a little redundant to do so when I’m so close to the end.

(I swear to you that I do things beside knit)

I’m still into the garter stitch, so I think I’ll just try to ride this pony till it drops dead. (So to speak) Up next will be a baby blanket, from KW, that I’ll use to keep myself entertained till vacation, where I’ll take a shawl (a baby shawl), some sock yarn, and the start of  a sweater, which may be a bit much, but I’ll have a few days, where I’ll have my mind, and what I bring with me, to keep myself entertained. Sound like a good plan?

Also, where have all of you been? You all cheer me on till I actually start this project, and then leave me, feeling once more like I’m chirping to no one. Remember, de-lurking is delightful! (for me)

*For non-knitting readers (which is about the same as knitting readers) KAL stands for Knit A-Long. It’s where you and another knitter(s) pick a pattern, and you all knit it at the same time. It’s a lot more fun than it sounds.


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