Two days in a row

Two days in a row I have received the glorious nectar of the gods, known as free yarn. You read that right free yarn.

The concept isn’t new to me. It may be to you, but I’ve got a wide and varied net of family/friends who all like to encourage the knitting, or at least for the most part. I get a lot of goodwill yarn – some good, some not, but all appreciated. (I always say, free yarn is good yarn, right?) I like to use that sort of thing for gifts, mostly because I have no problem with giving it away, as a matter of fact, it can be a relief to get that sort of thing out of the house.

So, is your mouth watering yet. Probably not, considering most of that yarn has to do with a certain crimson organ. But still,  it makes for good gifts and what not, to people who don’t care about bio-degradable, or well, softness.

Well get to salivating. Last Wednesday (VERY glad this was my Wednesday to go to knitting) a knitting friend, who’s got more yarn than I do OCD ticks, was cleaning out her stash. She’s got ROOMS of yarn, her husband has, what I’ve been told is a good job. (He’s the CEO of one of the biggest newspapers in the area.) You can imagine how this translates to her yarn purchasing habits. Not to mention, she’ll see a design in a book or something that she likes, and will proceed to  buy yarn, no matter how much, that she likes for it, and then file it away to knit at a later date. Often times this later date doesn’t come for her, because she does this quite often. So, the yarn starts to pile up. She often calls the herd and generally sends some of it my way. (And her daughter-in-law who comes with her)*

The whole table was filled with yarn, and they give us a pretty big table at the bookstore where we knit (sadly, a chain). At first I was a little shy, you know, I didn’t want to dive right in and seem grabby. (I was raised by Republicans, isn’t that odd?) But she kept shoving it down my throat, “Oh, look at this, isn’t it nice, and I bet that it would make great socks,” or, “There’s enough there for a nice cabled sweater.” That sort of pushing.

I now have the first non-handspun Alpaca that I’ve ever had. (I know.) I’m looking forward to seeing the glory that is Noro sock yarn, and have you ever used recycled sari silk? (As in, Indian (India) women wear these.) It leave a rosy feeling that lasts for hours. I can only imagine what I’ll use this for. And no, I’m not giving it away. Though the purple and pink really don’t go with my eyes.

(And I’ve received a huge hefty zip-lock from her before too. Lots of nice Cascade 220. Tell me you have better friends. She also once gave away all her Addi turbos because she was switching all over to interchangable circs. I was able to get three(often used) pairs.)

Last night was less lucrative. Three large skeins of Acrylic, but I’ll live, again, free yarn=good yarn. And a new (easy traveling) knitting bag. I work at kind of a thrift store, only it’s free, all items are donated, and it’s underwritten by a few churches and companies, that’s how I got this yarn. Also how I get ALL my clothes.

These are all good developments because I consider my stash to be an insurance against future calamities, and I rarely buy yarn. Getting yarn comes in burst for me, and this was all good, as the stash was starting to dwindle in size. We can’t have that. It’s nice and bloated once more.

* It was told the she, the one with all the yarn, let her daughter-in-law alone in the yarn room with a trash bag and was told to pick out whatever she liked. Can you imagine? Like a kid in a free candy store. Of course, she was still a little embarrassed, like I would be too. Upon hearing this, I asked her if she had any more single children.

“Oh, no, all my sons are married.”

“. . . Would any of them like a boy-toy?”

You know, she didn’t answer.


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