Things I am not in love with (At the moment)

1. The current political season – And it’s only going to get worse too. Now, I am very liberal, but I think that these “SuperPAC” ads should be illegal. I’m just going out on a limb and saying that. They misquote and distort both candidates, influencing voters with lies. However, there is one candidate who is a lot easier to paint in a bad light ; )

2. Mitt Romney – The guy just looks like the villan in a late night cable movie. And I don’t think that anyone with that much money should be allowed to run. Where do you think his loyalties lie, with the struggling middle class, or with his zillionare buddies? Just throwing that out there.

3. Politics in general – I try to avoid this topic, namely because I live with two very staunch Republicans (I know, I know).  It’s all just a nasty subject filled with all sorts of mean people who do mean things, and in the end they are all only looking out for themselves. It’s a doggy dog world, and if you don’t believe that just look toward Washington.

4. Knitting Lace edging – Thankfully I’m done with this for a short while. I picked up the stitches for the border on my Traditional Shetland Lace Shawl last knit and knit a row. (Long rows.) Oddly enough, in what was a rare moment, I picked up 153 stitches, which is divisible by 9 (the number of stitches in the pattern repeat) It’s odd for the knitting maths to work out that well. (Maybe this shouldn’t be on this list.)

5. The bug that flew into my mouth while I was running this morning – I think it bit me on the way down, because I have a little scratchy feeling at the back of my throat that I didn’t have before. Still, that was a few hours ago, so I think if I swallowed some rare poisonous fly (or something like that) that I would be dead by now. Still, it is a little uncomfortable. It was odd, I was running, probably with my mouth open though I swear it was closed, and then I felt something hit the back of my throat. It should be understood that I commenced coughing and spitting immediately.

6. The pain in my shin – Also from running I think. Maybe I’m starting to develop those much dreaded shin splints. Oddly enough, this is only in my right shin. The only real consequences are that I have to sit down if I’m on my feet for a while, and I have to treadle the spinning wheel with my left foot. It’s a little hard to get used to, but I tried with the right and it just hurt too much. (I think it’s showing remarkable personal growth that when a body part starts hurting that I stop doing whatever is hurting it. Ordinarily I would just keep doing it and bitch about the pain.)

7. The fact that while some people over here at casa de Garret know how to wash dishes, but they don’t know how to put them away. (Even when it blocks the coffee pot in the morning and I have to move them before I can make the elixir of life.)

8. The fact that it has cooled down – Not the fact that it has cooled down, but simply because I am referring to 85 degrees as cooling down. It was just too hot there for a while. Too hot.

9. The fact that I have a black water bottle – In 100+ degree heat you need water, it can be dangerous without any. I walk everywhere, and just because it’s a little warm out, that doesnt’ mean that I can stop going places. It’s a great motivation to work on my divers license. However, till I can get that, I’m still walking 1-2 miles to get places. In this heat. With a black water bottle, if I were to think a little ahead, I could plan to have tea part way though my walk.

10. It’s past eleven thirty and I haven’t worked at all today. Have to go, have a great Wednesday. (Or Thursday, depending on when you read this.)


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