Lace and heat

I’m knitting the Tomten Jacket now. Did I tell you that? I don’t think that I did. Anyway, I’m knitting the jacket, which is part of the current garter stitch phase. I plan to knit two or three projects out of that section of the book, because it’s a large section of the book and I want to knock as much of it out as I can. I plan to do small things, which should make me feel more confident about this whole project. I’ve done two projects, which doesn’t bode well for this staying in my attention span.

I’m already at the bodice (which I guess would be the word, but to me it always sounds like I’m making my mother a dress for the Medieval Fair). And I’ve knit 3/4’s of it (And the way she gives the pattern, with an illustration, makes it very easy to figure out where I am with the pattern.) After I knit the other strap for the front, I’ll have to do the hood, and the sleeves, which means it should be done pretty soon (famous last words).  This might take a little while though, not because it’s a lot of knitting, simply because you have to knit 44 rows, on 11 stitches. Can you say fiddly? It really is no fun, especially because I’m working with two colors, carrying the unused color up one side. So they’re getting tangled, long with the project too, and it’s just a whole mess.

I’m also knitting on the lace edging for the shawl. Still. I have two repeats to go on this, and it’s killing me. It really is. (I’m really trying to ignore the fact that I’m still going to have to repeat this edging 18 times for the other two sides.)  Let’s have a little picture of this.

I cannot convey to you what a pain in the ass that this edging is. I’m working about half a repeat an evening before bed (mostly because it’s putting me to sleep). It lives beside the bed, and it’s moving slowly. I know that I need to work on it more, so I won’t prolong the agony, but I just can’t. I don’t know why, but I just can’t. I’ve got two more repeats till I get to the end of it for this side of the shawl.

It’s so very hot out too. So hot in fact, that our AIR CONDITIONED house is still a little ball of sweat, at least on the upper floors where I spend most of my day. There are some days where I wish I could crawl into the deep freeze, and wait out the summer. Of course I try to like the heat, I really do. I try to get all zen about it, but there is nothing zen about triple digits. In  good news, tomorrow it’s supposed to cool down.

To around 85 degrees. Send Ice!!!!!!!


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