Sort of

This year, being the first that I consider my self a “real spinner” (what with having a wheel) I’m loosely participating in the spinning event, The Tour de Fleece. My goal this year is to spin. Pretty easy huh? So far so good, though I don’t know if my wheel (a touch antique) will cooperate for the whole tour. Oh well, if a Tour de France participant breaks his leg he, he still isn’t required to continue? Right?

I’m following this very loosely, which is kind of a new approach to anything with me. I tend to get into things like this, KALs and whatnot, then beat them to the ground till they’re over with. It’s very keeping with my “high-strung” personality. 

I didn’t even realize that either tour was happening till this morning, then I thought to myself, “Well, I’ve spun everyday for the past couple of days, maybe I should try the Tour de Fleece. ”  So here I am, and this conveniently gave me something to blog about today.

My goal is to spin everyday, which is one of the rules of the tour. I have no set amount that I must do, so I think I should be fine when it comes to meeting my goals. (I love it when a haphazard plan comes together like this.) I’ll work on my Icelandic roving, which is almost done, then maybe do some smaller amounts, I’ll take a look at the stash, and then maybe work on that Alpaca, Camel and Llama blend that I have just sitting a few feet from me. Why haven’t I spun that yet? I’m not sure. It’ll make a great sweater, and I’m already making plans for yarn I haven’t even spun yet. Isn’t that a little dangerous.

Do I even have any spinners who read this? I can’t remember if I do. Sound off in the comments if you spin, so that way if I say something like “Z twist” there will be people who actually know what I’m talking about.

(By the way, since I just thought about it, have you, Cheryl, made up your mind as to which KW project you want to KAL with? I only want to know so I don’t start it without you because that would make me feel like I’m really earning that bitch of the year award, and let’s face it, I don’t need any help.)


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