A whole lot of done

When I finish little things, like socks, or mittens, there isn’t really that moment of done-ness. Sure they’re finished, and I’m glad they’re so, but it’s not the same as with the sweater. There is little finishing on things like hats or scarves, no make-or-break moments. Would you wear a hat that has ribbing a touch off, or socks who’s toes are grafted poorly? Sure you would, or at least I would. But with a sweater, the end is the most important, things like the neckband or the buttonholes. (Though how many here button thier cardigans?)

I guess that’s why I knit more sweaters than anything else. That, and I like to roll up my sleeves and get a good chunk of knitting without the final product. (You read that right.) I don’t like to test gauge, or cast on, or pick yarn, or any of that stuff that you do when you start a project. I love the moment where you get totally zen about a project, but right before you’re starting to think about paying someone to finish your sweater. That’s the best moment for me.

Anyway, this is all just a round about way of saying that I finished my latest sweater project.


I loved knitting this thing, and it flew by pretty quick considering that I knit it on a US 3. I still got 5 stitches to the inch though, which worries me, and makes me want to buy lots of needles in smaller sizes. I blame the cotton.

This sweater also proved to a bunch of naysayers that it is possible, though not advisable, to knit fair isle in cotton. There were a few times were I had stop knitting this because it hurt. Good thing I’m a loose-y goose-y knitter. Here’s a list of some of the stuff I did on this bad baby.

1. Short rowed the back. You always should short row the back, never not short row the back. I cannot say this enough, because if you don’t, you’ll end up with a front that could fit Dolly Parton, if you know what I mean. Always short-row the back.

2. I used a lot less yarn that I would have thought, and still have a whole skein of dark blue left. I wonder what I’ll do with it.

3. This is the second project finished for the KW project. (Remind me again why I chose this book?)

4. 1×1 ribbing, and it wasn’t that bad.

5. The grafting on the underarms is perfect, or for the most part. It was still all clingy, shakey and sweaty, but I think that it was because I was grafting for an actual project, and not just for practice. Still not loving the action of this, but loving the results, and it makes me feel so very clever.

Can’t wait for some cold weather so I’ll actually have a chance to wear this.

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