Another Update

I’d forgotten how very much fun it is to design a colored yoke sweater yoke on the fly. That may have read like sarcasm, but I assure you that it was most sincere. It really is fun, and makes you feel dangerous, like you’re the rouge knitter, which is also a fun concept. I would show you a picture of it, but we’re getting so close to the end that I think it would make for a nice surprise. I’ll show it to you in a few days,  when it should be finished, so you should be prepared to be amazed.

I wish there were more sock patterns in KW. That would be nice, to knit  a few pairs of socks. I’m really wanting to knit socks, and it would help the hot sticky breath of Christmas, which is breathing down my neck, even now in the warm time. (The humidity might have something to do with the hot stick breath.) I’ll be doing a lot of swatch caps I think.

I need to get spinning. I want to knit a few things in THE BOOK out of handspun. I have many pounds of Alpaca and Alpaca blend that I need to get the move on, because I hope to use them soon. It just seems so hard to get to the wheel these days, mostly because I’ve been so busy for the past few days that I haven’t been able to get to the wheel, and most of my knitting is coming in bits and bobs and stolen minutes. (I need to point out here that I would be getting a lot more knitting done if I had little, portable projects, like socks.)

After I finish the Yoke Sweater, expect a bevy of garter stitch because I want to knock a couple of those things off the list. (Though many of them are small, like the BSJ and the ribwarmer, and the heart hat.)

If you divide the book into sections, Yoke shapings, Garter stitch, Shawls, and Fancy (Arans, Ganseys, and Fair Isles), there are about seven in each. About, I’m rounding. So, I work each section till there are the same number in all of them, and then just do one from each till I’m done. Great Idea! It’s so nice to have a plan, and makes me feel like I’m doing this a little less haphazardly. (I made a list. Doesn’t that count for something?)

I’m also working on gathering up my yarns for this project. I’ve got two more sweaters to take out. One will be enough for about a sweater, and the other will be enough for about seven hundred sweaters, or a house cosy to put over this draft box in the winter. (It may be seven million degrees now, but it will get cold. Or maybe it won’t if we keep using the AC like this.)

So, that’s the current state of the knitting (aside from the shawl, which I’m averaging about two rows a day on. I loathe the edging.) I have to work tomorrow, which means no NPR orgy, and therefore, no hours of guilt free knitting. (I am convinced that the only reason I am a smart and reasonably intelligent person who thinks about the state of the world, though not to much because it is depressing, is because of NPR. Never mind that I listen to the news mocking and the voice of Garrison Keilor — We’ll ignore that.)

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