The state of the Shawl, without pictures

A few nights ago, I would say it was a dark and stormy night, but nobody would believe that, considering we haven’t had any decent rain for about two weeks. Anyway, a few nights ago, I was able to say that I was more or less done with the body on the Traditional Lace shawl. For those of you who don’t know, this shawl is made by starting with the lower edging, then knitting the border, then working the body, and then you work all the other pieces (starting with the edging, and moving to the border) and graft the whole mess together. So, what I’ve got left to do at this point are three borders and three edgings. Which isn’t very good progress as I’ve been working on this thing for a month.

Last night, I started the edging for what I shall call piece B. This is mostly because it’s how EZ refers to it. I might call it, a pain in the ass, but people don’t really care for that kind of language. I started with the edging, and suddenly, my knitting mind said to me, “Haven’t I done this before?Didn’t you think it was too much work.”

Then my real mind, the rational one, explained to the other part why it was done this way, yada, yada, yada.

To which my knitting brain said, “But haven’t I done this before?”

I explained again, but still, “Haven’t I done this before?”

How can you argue with that.

I’m debating on setting this one aside till my mojo for it returns, or doing the powering it through method. I’m hoping for the latter, because I need to get this thing done and off the needles. Well, I guess that I don’t need to, it would just be a nice idea, and one that probably wouldn’t start to made the universe start to crumble around the edges.

Also, last night, I found a provisional cast on that I like. This is a pretty dodgy subject with me. I love the purpose and idea of this cast on, it’s just the actual act of it that I hate. I can’t ever get it either. I always end of doing something wrong. Like the last time that I had to do this on this shawl. I used Eunny’s method, because she generally knows what she’s talking about, and I did learn how to do a crocheted steek on her blog, which remains my favorite to this day. Well, I had to cast on eight stitches. By the end of it though, I had seven. Do not ask me how this happened, I can’t stand it when people ask me questions that I don’t know the answer to.

But I tried Mary Thomas’s provisional cast on. While she isn’t exactly what I would call descriptive, after a few minutes I got the hang of it pretty well. All that you really do is just wrap your working yarn around your waste yarn and your needles, skipping the waste yarn every other round. You’ll understand what I mean if you ever do it. I highly recommend it. And it made me feel so smart to. I love learning new things, and again, this wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  Most things are going to be easier than I thought that they would be.

Is it the dyed-in-the-wool midwestern -er in me that makes me think that this line of thinking is going to prove itself to be disastrous on down the road?


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