Hello everybody, did you have a good weekend? I did, it was filled with all sorts of yarn-y goodness. It’s rare that I take a whole day to just check out and knit, which wasn’t Saturday, but I was able to work in a lot more knitting time than I usually would. I spent the morning working on my lace, and then working on my yoke sweater because I’m really excited about the yoke. I’m starting to do some color patterns for it, just some plain stripes at the moment, but I’ve been drawing up some Fair Isle charts to use. I’m about three or four rows till I’m ready for them.

I’m working short rows across the back, which is necessary for this type of sweater. I know she says they’re “optional.” Don’t think they’re optional. I know she’s just trying to cement the “it’s your knitting” philosophy, but please, just do the short rows.

I’m also going to be doing Meg’s revised version of the yoke decreases, i.e. four decrease rows, instead of three. She says that it is good on a large circumference sweater to do so. Okay, I’ll try anything I guess. This is supposed to be a learning experience, and how am I supposed to learn if I don’t try new things. The pattern in Knitting Without Tears, which was the pattern I followed when I first made this sweater, just had the plain jane, 1/3, 1/3,1/3 decrease rounds, yet it still didn’t pucker at all. But that was a wool yarn, and this is a cotton. Cotton is a lot less of a forgiving yarn when it comes to puckering and other structural problems. I’m counting on the weight of this thing to help it sag, which should help the fit, if not it’ll be a little small.

The yoke on this one should be a lot more exciting on this sweater than the last. On that one, I used the body color as the background color, so it was a little washed out, you know, not to sound to fashion-y,  but the yoke on that one just didn’t “Pop.” It made sort of a feeble fizzle.



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