That’s what I’m in the mood to tell you, everything. I just want to yak and yak, till I just have nothing else to say anymore. Lucky you.

The sad part is, I don’t really have that much to tell. I posted what, yesterday? That wasn’t that long ago, and believe me, not that much has happened that really was noteworthy since then. I worked for a couple of hours at a bookshop, (Where, after working there for about eight months, I got to meet my real boss. She was impressed.) I worked for a couple of hours at a clothing shop. (I do keep busy, clothed, and well read.) Then I got home around eight-thirty, watched three episodes of Buffy (I’m restarting from the beginning.) while I ate dinner, did all sorts of yarn-y things, and had some ice cream. Ah, the life, because there is nothing better than coming home after working hard, and being able to do whatever you feel like doing. It’s such a great feeling, it makes me feel, well, I guess I would say free, but that’s not terribly descriptive.

Then this morning, I get up and see that there are like a million (I may be exaggerating slightly) blog posts for me to read, which is great, because you guys all can’t write enough funny and witty things for me to read, I can’t get enough.) Then a planned berrying expedition was canceled, so I came home, and did some work, cleaned, and now here I am, typing away on my lil’ old blog. I love coming here, and just generally saying what I want to. (Because I’ve got a small audience, I have a lot lower risk of offending people. Not to mention all of you know how to take a joke, and if you don’t, leave now.) I hash things out here, and dither my way out of knitting problems, and take the great advice of my readers.

I’m starting to develop some great muscles in my legs from working out in the garden. That’s nice, or it might be from walking tons, or maybe both. I love having leg muscles again. I know that was an odd thing to say, let me give you a cliff notes version. Year before last, I had major leg operations,  (long time readers might remember a few mentions of this) At this time last year, I was just starting to work my way off of crutches. (After having been on them for months and in a wheel chair before that, ask me if you want rants on how we, as a people, need to be more handicapped assesable.) I could go short distances without them, but I still needed at least one to go far. But now, a year later, I’ve got leg muscles. Yay!

Speaking of the garden, I still need to get my lettuce and onions planted, as well as finishing my newspaper and straw-ing. And I also need to start staking up the tomatoes, and do something with the cucumbers. Any of you have some tried-and-true tips for it, and gardening in general? I’m open to all suggestions, including getting myself to the nearest farmer’s market or health food store. Though I don’t think that suggestion would do any good, I did after all, just suggest it.

Have a very knitty weekend.


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