Moving right along

Well, on the knitting front, things have been going at such a rate that I think that I’m qualified for the title of “Moving right along”. I really am too. Not so much on the lace, I’ve done maybe three or four rows since the last post, but I’ve had a few other things going on.

You all know that I love me a fun filled weekend right? Well, so far at least, this one had been such, as well as including two four hour car trips, each going over the same part of Ohio. (Actually, it was four, two-hour car trips that covered the same part of Ohio.) And these were also preformed at night, so it was pretty tiring, and I only went on the second one so the driver wouldn’t fall asleep and die, because, had I not gone, I would have felt pretty bad about that.

Anyway, this afforded me some primo knitting time. I knit about half of a very large ball of yarn in two days. It was on the body of the Seemless Yoke Sweater, which is just knitting around and around, till you feel like your hands will fall off, and maybe you’re okay with that. (It is worth noting that there are seven sweaters that are based off of this pattern in Knitting Workshop, all of which are identical up to the armhole.)

Some of you might balk at the idea of knitting in a dark car, but I really had no problems with it. I can knit while I read can’t I? I could do it with my eyes closed, why not in a moving car? I even did a short row. And there was a point where some, like seven or eight, stitches fell off the needle, and I was able to fix that. One of them even dropped down a row. Fear me.

So, I advise you all to work on your ability to knit in the dark, you’ll thank yourself later.

Now, having said that, let me now announce that I have got one sleeve to go before uniting them all for the yoke. I love that moment, you’re finally down the home stretch, and getting closer and closer to being done. It is so close you can taste it.

Till I do that one sleeve.



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