The good, the bad, and the new sweater

I’ve got some good news, and some bad news. (The bad news isn’t really bad news, I knew it was going to come, and I told you so.) But before we get to any of that, feat your eyes on this:

I really like this sweater. It fits me well, a little tight, but not terribly so. It’s knit out of a recycled wool/nylon blended yarn, which should wear very well.

I changed a few things on the original design, as one should, and must do, when knitting an EZ pattern. I messed up the Double O cable pattern, but I like the way that I “changed” it. I also did a different cable pattern across the chest, the same one as the sleeves. I also did an extra pattern repeat across the back to make it fit better, which worked out very well for me.  And last, but not least, I added some kind of a hem to it. I wacked on a cable, the same one as the chest and sleeves, I don’t remember what it was called at the bottom. I knitted it at a slightly smaller gauge, which means it pulls in nicely. Enough to hold in the bottom, but still stretchy enough so putting it on isn’t a great challenge. It’s a little tight, but not unbearably so. The washing softened this up so much, and I love that. 

I wish it was just a little colder out so I could wear it. This is the first project done for my Zimmermann . . . thing. I can only hope that they all go this well.

Bad News – I had to rip out the body I’d started on the Shetland shawl. I’m adding at least two repeats of the lace edging. (Which should give me nine, my favorite, and more anal retentive number.) I’ve asked around, and everyone thinks that that should be wide enough. Oh well, like Elizabeth says, “Yay, more of my favorite hobbie!” Which is really the best attitude to have when it comes to ripping out. The only thing I’ll mind doing over again is the math part, which wasn’t that bad as far as knitting math goes.

Good News- I slipped some stitches on some extra needles for my Seemless Yoke Sweater, and found out that it does fit me. YAY! I won’t have to rip back, and what’s worse, restart it. (Working 1×1 ribbing, in cotton, on a US 3. Tell me I’m crazy.) I can keep motoring up toward the armholes. I’ve got about . . . 5 inches. Sigh. It will take a while, but it is really satisfying, so . . . stitchy. And the drape is lovely. I can’t get over how well a cotton yarn drapes. I will overlook the part where I sweater isn’t really supposed to be that drapy. I’m looking forward to the yoke.


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