Sorry for the late blog today. Again, real life got in the way of my work life. (Tell that to my word count.) More gardening today, but thankfully no swirling blades of death. The weather was relatively cool too, which made for some pleasant gardening. This isn’t really the fun, decorative kind, of gardening that I want to do. This is like the “Grow your own food kind.”

But, when I awoke this morning, there was nothing in the garden — we hadn’t even bought plants, but today I got just about everything planted. I had several surreal moments, where I really wasn’t sure who I was, or what I was going, just potting plants. And I also had a moment, after my father went to bed, where I felt a little like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as in “In the end, I’m always alone.” And really did feel like that too, only in a good way, not a bad one.

There is also something sensual about planting things in the ground. Like Lasagna, only maybe even more so because I’m not cussing at the hot noodles. (I’m an impatient soul.) With your sharp metal trowel, you pierce the dry soil, exposing the dark dirt underneath. you rub the roots of the plant to loosen them up, then you hold them in the hole, while your other hand smooths the dirt over them. Then you give the dirt a little pat, and more on to the next one.

What was I talking about, oh, right, the garden. *smooths shirt and touches neck*

And soon it’ll be the return to the season of Eggplant. YAY!  Oh how I’ve missed thee.

But why am I dithering on and on about this. I’ll show you the garden after we finish getting down the newspaper and straw. That will be a day or two, mostly because putting down straw and newspaper is one of the worst kind of jobs. It is heavily varied on the wind, the straw is dusty, and it is quite a bendy-over job.

Here’s what you came to see. Knitting. Give me a minute. It’s amazing the amount of knitting that you can get done when you check out for about two and a half hours, or about three episodes worth of Buffy.

What you see here, are two never before seen projects. One of them, (I don’t know what order they will be in) is a lace shawl. I’m sure that you can tell which is which, and if you can’t, how did you get this far? It’s the white, uh, lacy thing.

As I pulled it out to take the picture, I think I may need to rip out what I have, and add a few more repeats of the edging. I also probably should do a little research and see how wide these things are supposed to be. Oh well. I’ll knit on it for a while before I decide.

That navy thing you see is the next sweater. (I swear, I knit sweaters in other colors.) Again I’m startling myself with my gauge. Five stitches to an inch on three’s. It is a cotton though, which does make my knitting looser. That’s my excuse. Once I get a little farther on it, I’ll thread it on some yarn and see if it’s wide enough. I’m not really sure I want to know, mostly because it will mean that I will also have to rip out even more knitting.

So all of this work is either make it or break it sort of stuff.

The Hand to Hand Aran is drying away. It really grew a lot in length while I washed it, which is a bit of a shame, because I was hoping is was going to go the other way. Sigh. It’ll still work, but it will be so tight that I’m going to look like the only knitting hooker down it the bad part of town. It really, at least before the washing , showed my every curve, in an odd way. But all in all I like it.


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