The Last Two Inches

I’m nearing the end of the Hand-to-Hand Aran, which I must say has been one of the most fun, and probably one of the quickest knits I’ve had to date, or at least it feels that way. I know for a fact that this wasn’t an unusually quick knit, but it feels like that, which is always a good thing. Often times I am done with a project before I’ve finished the knitting, and it’s nice to have something a little different. It’s an odd feeling, but a good one, and I hope that it is going to be a pattern, which is good because I have a feeling that I’m going to need it.

Let me look and see at the start date. Actually, let me talk for a minute before I tell you the start date. You know how so many knitters,  Like EZ, the Harlot, Debbie Bliss, and too many more to name, all recommend doing something like a knitting diary. Where you record all of your projects, start dates, finish dates, gauge, yarn, amount used, finished fit, recipient, etc. I’ve had one for years, it has about seven entries. I haven’t exactly been dedicated to doing it, if you know what I mean. I don’t feel bad about, just a little guilty about it when I think too much. Anyway, this project actually merited an entry about it if that tells you anything. (And I hope to reform this with my project.)

Wow! This has been on the needles a lot longer than I thought it was. I was thinking maybe, two, three weeks. I started it on April 28th. That means that I’ll have spent a month knitting this sweater. Now that I think about it, it does make a little sence, when I think about how long some parts of it took me. The ending on this will be a little bittersweet for me.

Care to see? The pictures aren’t the greatest, but they’re better than trying to imagine what it looks like. (And I do remember what it was like to have to try and describe my knitting, as opposed to showing it. Let me tell you that Norwegian Mittens look a lot better than they sound.)

My, it is a rare day where I don’t look stoned and/or crazy in a picture. This one isn’t so bad, compared to some of the other ones that I’ve taken in the past.  There’s also a close up of the neck line too, for all you cable nut-heads.

Off to the Great Lakes Fiber Fest tomorrow down in Wooster. I’ve managed to scrape a few dollars together, enough so that this year, I hopefully will be able to buy a knity-noddy. I also feel like this event needs a new name. It’s about two hours from the nearest Great Lake, maybe something like “The Amish Country  Fiber Fest.” Because it is in Amish Country, but I don’t think that I’ve ever seen plural Amish people there. I may have seen an Amish person before.

(Aside: It is really odd for me to accept the fact that other people don’t have a place that’s about a 45-minute car ride from them where they can go to buy overpriced baskets, and herbs. )

Though, why do people always have these things on the hottest days of the year? It should be illegal to have these sorts of things in months that don’t have ” ber” in them.

The AC is on here, but I’m little affected by it considering I spend most of my waking hours on the second floor. I’m sticking to both the chair and the desk.


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  1. Oh my gosh!!! You have a head! That’s a really nice picture 🙂
    So, how long are you giving yourself knit your way through the book? Maybe I’ll choose one of the patterns and when you get to it, I’ll knit along with you? Would that be fun or am I being pushy?

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