In Knitting Workshop there are a lot of sweaters and shawls. More than I have yarn for, but that isn’t surprising, considering I haven’t bought yarn in months. What can I say, there’s only the one shop nearby, and I hate going there because you never know what her hours are, and her staff is a little odd. (We’ll leave it at odd.) Not to mention that none of her yarn had the price written on it, so you always have to ask her how much it is, and that leaves that awkward moment when you know that you’re not going to pay that much for it, but you have to figure out a way to say that you don’t want to buy it. Not to mention that there’s rarely anyone there, so the owner or her staff is always hovering over for you, which makes it really hard to give it a proper feel and rub. (Even a yarn store owner looks at you funny when you smell it.) (I live with a bunch of smokers, I want to smell it while it’s still fresh.)

Anyway, I digress from that tangent. I was talking about Knitting Workshop, like I do a lot these days. I don’t have enough yarn to knit everything in it, so instead of going to a store to stock up on it, I look towards my spinning wheel.

I’ve been neglecting my poor wheel lately. Mostly because it’s been on the fritz or something. Maybe it’s haunted, who knows? I had a few little repairs to make on it, and I never was able to find both the time and the inclination to do them, so I let it mildew in a corner, fleece still on it.

Well, I was rummaging around for some wool the other day, taking stock of my supplies and what not, and I cleverly unearthed my spinning stash, little though it may be. I then remembered that next weekend is the greatest weekend in the history of weekends. It’s the Great Lakes Fiber Fest.

Now, to those of you who think nothing of racking up frequent flyer miles to places like Rinebeck or Maryland Sheep and Wool, this may seem like small potatoes to you. But let me assure you that it is great. Utterly great. And utterly hot. (They really should do it in fall.) But it’s here where I buy a whole years worth of fleece, mostly because it’s cheaper, and well, I’m cheap. Back before I had a wheel, a year’s worth of fleece wasn’t much at all, just a few batts to use on my little drop spindle. But now, when my wheel is working at least, I can take a months work on the spindle, and do it in less than a week. (When it comes to spinning, I’m all about the product, not the process, which I will admit is a very medative one. This is the exact opposite of the way that I feel about knitting, which is all about the process.)

Anyway, here I am with this fiber, and I’ve got some pretty nice stuff, and with a bunch more about to come it. (I’ve made a rule for this year, no yarn purchases, unless they’re really really cheap, and/or sock yarn. This way I can spend more on fleece.)  I figured, it’s time to bite the bullet, and the aching back, and fix my wheel.

It took about thirty seconds.  It was a simple matter of replacing the drivebands with a cotton yarn, i.e. not stretchy, and taking off the old one, which was, well, stretchier. And I haven’t even had to put any corn syrup on it.  It seems to be working, but I don’t want to say too much and jinx it though.

I love having a spinning wheel, even if it is such a pain in the ass sometimes.


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