The morning after

I think by now, after that long and whiney post over the weekend, that you know I’m going to do it. (Scroll down if you missed something.) It won’t be easy, not always fun, but it will bigger than me and my little existence, a way to connect with a true knitting genius, and for every late and tearful night there will be a counter balance for it.

I’m thinking as June first as my official start up date, that will give me enough time to work out the rules, and come up with something clever to say up at the top of the blog. (I’m thinking something like, “Welcome to this Knitting Workshop. It’s all Zimmermann, and all of her masterpiece,  Knitting Workshop.”) (I’m open to suggestions.) (And I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit excited about the rise in blog hits I’ll get from this. What can I say, a little bump in the ego right?)

You might say, “Rules! We don’t need to stinking rules!” But we do, or at least I do. Without some rules and guidelines, I’ll fall off this thing in no time, and then what will I be left with, a mountain of yarn, a few sweaters, and a sense of failure that will be unparalleled in modern times. I’ve already wisely chosen a loose deadline of two years, but that is high arguable. I’ve also decided that I will be allowed to have one non KW (I have a feeling I’m going to be saying that often, so I’d better start with the abbreviations now.) project on the needles, but I must work on a KW project at least everyday. Sound like a good idea.

As I can tell from my morning blog roll, the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat was last week. I’m very glad that I forgot all about it, and instead had a productive weekend, without fits of envy.

I’ve reached the body on the Hand-to-Hand Aran, which is the first KW project in this thing. (By the way, I also need a name for what I’m doing.) I must say that I’m really starting to like it, which is odd because I’m generally not a big pullover fan. (I think that may change soon.) And the sleeves, which I thought would be too short, are really, a little on the long side. But I’m really liking the cabled-ness of this sweater. Isn’t that an odd thing to say. I like the cushy dense-ness of it. (And I have a feeling this won’t be my last. There are 13 sweaters in KW and a lot of them are plain, i.e. easy to change.)

This week’s lesson, don’t ever, EVER, eat more than one Altoid in one sitting. You’ll gag on all the mint.



  1. P.S. Like the new look of the Blog? I finally got around to changing a few things. And, if you’re a blogger and you’re reading this, look over at the side bar, I bet you’re there. And if you’re not, drop me a line and I’ll fix it. I love it when I start to figure out how this WordPress thing works.

  2. I love the new look of the blog. I was never all that fond of the “scrolly” art on the mast. I love the clean lines and how the “warning” really pops!

    So let me get this straight, you’re committing to knit all of the projects in EZ’s Knitting Workshop? I’ll say it … never gonna happen! How’s that for a challenge?

    And I hate to say it but the retreat was lovely! The project “show and tell” was amazingly impressive (you sometimes have to see these projects in person to really appreciate ’em), we learned some and in general, had a blast!

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